Spraygon Extraction Unit


We now offer the most powerful spray tan fan in the world

What makes a SprayGon different? Compare the features of the SprayGon with other systems.

1. High Powered – The only system with 12,000CFM airflow rating.
2. Effective – Triple filtration, high velocity fans and large intake openings combine to capture the maximum amount of overspray at the point of use.
3. Quiet – At just 61dBA, you can still carry on a normal conversation with your client while the unit is running at full power.
4. Easy setup – The system comes fully assembled and ready to use complete with an extra set of washable filters.
5. Compact – Takes up little space in your studio, and you can fold it up and store it out of the way when needed. Fits thru any doorway in your home or salon.
6. Lightweight – At under 75lbs, it is easily movable for cleaning and transport.
7. Portable – Built in wheels and large handlebar allow for easy transport wherever you need to use it. Tilt it back like a dolly and roll it away. Fits in your SUV or Mini-Van
8. Reliable – Over 8 years of reliable and consistent daily use in high-volume salons.
9. Rugged – Made with industrial grade materials and components, a SprayGon is built to last!
10. Easy Maintenance – All components of the system are easily accessible for cleaning.
11. Customizable – The only system that offers a variety of dazzling finishes or you can even add any full color graphics to promote your brand. Ideal option for franchises.