T6000 Plastic HVLP Spray Tan Applicator

$109.00 $99.00

The T6000 plastic spray gun is a lightweight and easy-to-clean professional spray tanning gun. This spray gun is compatible with both the T100X and Eco-2 Mighty Mist spray machines. The T6000 spray gun comes with a 250ml solution cup.

Spray guns & hoses: All spray guns & hoses have a separate warranty of 12 months*** if purchased as part of an Aviva starter package. Damage to the needle or breakage due to damage or neglect is not covered under warranty.

*** The Aviva 12-Month spray gun & hose warranty applies only to customers who purchase an Aviva “starter package”, which consists of one of our sets of equipment, training, and sunless solutions. If purchased separately of a starter package, the equipment comes with the standard 6-Month manufacturer’s defect warranty and customer must pay shipping costs both ways. The warranty does NOT include damage from neglect, breakage, leaking solution, or bent needle. A $50 refundable deposit will be charged to ship the replacement unit while we are waiting for you to return the faulty one.