Organic Serum 3 Pack NT

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Aviva Labs Organic Serums are powerful, concentrated drops of uniquely blended ingredients designed to enhance your client’s spray tan experience by promoting long-term skin health.

Organic Acai Berry and Sage infuses a tan with Vitamins E and K.

Organic Coconut Milk and Lavender help soothe and repair while providing long-lasting nourishment.

The legendary antioxidants found in Organic Green Tea and Hibiscus extracts restore your youthful glow.

Aviva Labs Organic Serums are supplemental drops for your already stunning Aviva Labs spray tans. “Beauty Today Health for Life”: as our company motto states, we want to offer beautiful tans today, and the serums will help your clients maintain and nourish their skin for long-term health as well.

Aviva Labs Organic Serum Fact Booklet