Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel (1 oz) — 10 bottle pack — Super Moisturizing NT


Our SUPER moisturizing hand sanitizer gel–perfect for individual use or to protect your staff & clients in your salon.

Unlike other hand sanitizers that dry out your hands, you can use our gel frequently and the premium moisturizers (the same from our sunless solutions) soothe and soften your skin with each use for a super silky feeling.

Plus, when you buy one, we’ll donate one!

For every ounce you buy, we’ll match it ounce for ounce and donate them to hospitals, police & fire departments, or nursing homes where they are desperately needed!

For only $29 (including shipping), you’ll receive ten (10) 1-ounce bottles of 65% Alcohol hand sanitizer gel. Then we’ll donate 10 ounces to a hospital, police department, fire department, or even nursing home in grave need. Your $29 pays for the ingredients, then Aviva is donating our bottles, labor, equipment, and even paying the shipping to deliver it to the front line workers at no cost to them.

Available in the personal size or 3 different “back bar” dispensing sizes:

Hand sanitizer size options–click to enlarge

Ships by Ground only.