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Aviva Artist's Lounge

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As an Aviva Artist, you will have access to our huge training library. From our Sunless 101 certification program to our Advanced and Masters training modules, there's always something to learn. With specialty modules like Bridal Tanning, body contouring, and shading, and with access to our Business Growth Planner, there's no wonder why Aviva Artist's are the best spray tanners in the world!
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Online Training Programs

When you become an Aviva member, you will receive amazing discounts on all of your favorite Aviva Labs products. From tan-extending skincare to our aware winning spray tan solutions, our "Preferred Buyer" discount means huge savings you can't find anywhere else!
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Professional Pricing

Want to share your sunless success story? Our Aviva Artists can request an interview for their own Aviva Spotlight here. Once it is reviewed and approved, we will share your story with the spray tan community to help inspire those just starting out on their own journey!
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Be in the Spotlight!

Have a great picture of an Aviva Tan that the world absolutely NEEDS to see? Send it to us and we'll share it with the world!
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Share to the Aviva Gallery

Aviva Artists gain access to exclusive, in-depth articles designed to help grow a spray tan business. These topics include: branding and brand awareness, perfecting your business atmosphere, advanced marketing techniques for spray tanning, just to name a few! What's even better is that we are always adding new articles, so there is always something new to learn!
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Member's Only Articles

Our members enjoy fantastic deals and discounts every month, meaning even more savings on all of your favorite Aviva spray tanning products! In addition, our marketing newsletter contains the best business advice in the industry, all designed to help your business grow, and our official Aviva newsletter, COLOR, will keep you up to date on the latest tips, tricks, and everything Aviva!
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Newsletter and Deals of the Month

Have something good to say about Aviva, or just want to share the love? This is where Aviva Artists go to spread the word!
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