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May: Proms, Proms, and More Proms!

We are in the thick of prom season. This is when your appointments fill out for about a month and you’re going all day long, no breaks, until about 10PM. But then you’ll hit the post-prom lull, which we all know and dread.

So how can we avoid post-prom letdown?

Well for starters, it’s important to remember that prom isn’t the only thing happening in the spring and summer! There are basketball, soccer, and cheerleading tournaments, graduation, and of course everyone wants to look good for summer vacation, especially if they are going to a destination, and that’s just to name a few!

Another often overlooked opportunity is the prom booking itself. How many of you got the daughter to spray tan, but didn’t get her mother, sister, or friends to get one too? It’s important not to overlook potential opportu-nities like this, and we’ll go over a few ideas with you in our latest article. So remember to breathe, check out our helpful tips, and have a glass of wine ready and waiting for you after your long day of prom spray tans!

Happy Tanning
–The Aviva Family