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Topic: Tier One: Low Volume Machines

3400 hvlpTAN LITE™ by Fuji Spray Tan

Simply put, we love the 3400 hvlpTAN LITE™ by Fuji Spray Tan. The 3400 is a fantastic mobile spray tanning machine and performed fantastically during our quality and stress tests. As with all Fuji spray tan machines, the 3400’s turbine is super reliable and incredibly durable. Of all the tier one machines we’ve tested, this was certainly one of the best and is a great choice for anyone just starting out! The only real downside we found on this spray tan […]

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T50X Happy Mist by Apollo Sprayers, Inc.

Tier 1

The T50X Happy Mist is Apollo’s budget-friendly HVLP spray tan machine. Even though it is considered a tier one machine due to the relatively low number of spray tans the turbine is designed to handle, the T50X is still an incredibly reliable spray tan machine, and we consider it one of the best tier one machines on the market today. Unlike most other tier one machines, the T50X is still made with steel internal parts, ensuring it won’t break down as […]

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