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The Sunless 101 Course:

A comprehensive Spray Tanning Certification Program

The Sunless 101 Course was created for you!

Our spray tan training is designed to teach you how to win huge numbers of new clients, service them exceptionally and retain them forever.

Study at your own pace! This 3 hour online class is appropriate for basic beginners up to intermediate level spray tanning professionals.

Sunless 101 takes a detailed look at sunless tanning and will leave you feeling more confident in adding this profitable service to your treatment menu. Whether you are brand new to the industry or if you are currently spray tanning and want to touch up on your knowledge & technique, we’ll give you the practical tips you need. This course is great preparation for those who wish, for example, to work in spas, makeup studios, hair salons, spray tanning salons and mobile spray tanning businesses as a sunless tanning consultant.

This 3 hour online course comes complete with an in-depth demonstration of our flawless spray tanning technique, a downloadable workbook, and an interactive training session.

An Aviva Academy Sunless Tanning Certificate will be awarded and mailed to you at the completion of the Sunless 101 Course.


New to spray tanning? Learn to:

  • Focus on the client experience, not just on your technique.
  • Uncover new opportunities in sunless tanning, a service that’s grown 490% in 5 years
  • Dramatically increase profits by offering a service that is for 100% of your clientele
  • Convert more of your existing but “non-tanning” clients into sunless tanners by selling the emotional boost in confidence, not merely the physical result
  • Recapture inactive clients with a new service that can deliver wow to any age group
  • Make additional profits by learning to market retail products along with your spray tan service
  • Bundle a spray tan service for broader appeal by coupling it with other services on your treatment menu
  • Eliminate trial-and-error learning. Don’t settle for teaching yourself techniques that don’t work well
  • Grow your loyal customer base by customizing the look perfectly to each client’s body type

Already spray tanning? Learn to:

  • Overcome the “one size fits all” approach to improve client retention
  • Differentiate your business from other spray tanning salons
  • Apply a jaw-dropping and signature “sun-kissed” technique that is indistinguishable from a real tan
  • Increase your number of spray tans per week
  • Position yourself as a Sunless Consultant and stomp your competition
  • Avoid common mistakes “newbies” make with equipment & solutions (that you may have made as well)
  • Apply a jaw-dropping and signature “sun-kissed” technique that is indistinguishable from a real tan