4100 miniTAN™ T-PRO by Fuji Spray Tan

The 4100 miniTAN™ T-PRO by Fuji Spray Tan suffers from two major design flaws. While it does have the incredibly durable, reliable Fuji Spray Tan turbine (which we adore!), it unfortunately lacks many of the things required in a real-life spray tan business. Much like the 2100 miniTan machine, the 4100 is a hybrid between a salon machine and a mobile spray tan business system. Rather than trying to accomplish both, we find that a machine specializing in one or the other often outperforms a hybrid machine in either category, and that remained true for this machine. In addition, the 4100 comes with a non-bleeder bottom feed cup, which comes with a whole host of real-life issues (forcing you to re-fill a cup mid-service, not being able to air-dry your client, difficult maintenance of the spray applicator, to name a few). At the end of the day, while the turbine itself is of the utmost quality, the machine received low marks due to its poor performance in a real-life setting.


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