4150 salonTAN™ T-PRO by Fuji Spray Tan

The 4150 salonTAN™ T-PRO by Fuji Spray Tan is an interesting concept that, unfortunately, just doesn’t work for us. While the HVLP turbine itself is incredibly reliable (we would expect nothing less from Fuji!), the actual design is where we found the biggest flaws with this machine. The idea of a small, bottom feed cup is on paper a very good one, but in reality it leaves a lot to be desired. While the cup does ensure near zero waste of solution, and guarantees that you won’t be pouring much solution back into your solution bottle after the service, these few benefits are far outweighed by the negatives.
Firstly, the spray tan cup only holds 3 ounces. A standard service is about 2 ounces of solution for an average-sized client, assuming you make no mistakes and don’t have to correct anything. This is where the biggest problem was: we were constantly forced to stop our testing and refill the cup–that is a huge detriment for a paying client: not only are you forcing them to wait, but your service is now taking longer–meaning you might be forced to push back other appointments! Also, as with many bottom feed applicators we’ve tested, cleaning the gun is very tricky, and the cup was hard to get secured.
Because it was a bottom feed cup it was also rather tricky to screw the cup into the gun without causing spillage. Another point against the 4150 is that the gun is a non-bleeder gun, meaning air does not come through the gun when you are not spraying. We’ve found that non-bleeder guns don’t have the same spray consistency as bleeder guns (because the initial burst of air when you pull the trigger tends to “spurt” solution), and you can’t air-dry the client with the gun attached.
In the end we did not feel that the appeal of a more lightweight cup was outweighed by the potential for being forced to refill the cup during a spray tan service or the difficulty of securing the cup to the gun.


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