2150 salonTAN™ M-Model by Fuji Spray Tan

The 2150 salonTAN™ M-Model by Fuji Spray Tan was a very impressive HVLP machine to test. Fuji Spray Tan machines are renowned for their durability and consistency, so it was no real surprise to see this spray tan machine easily meeting our quality standards and passing our rigorous stress tests. We were delighted by the decibel level, a shockingly low 56 decibels (lower than normal conversation!), and happy to note that the two-stage turbine kept the machine running cool and steady, even as we put it through the paces.
The two points of contention we had with the machine were small and mostly preferential: the first was that you cannot adjust the turbine speed, and the second is that there is only one filter. We prefer variable speeds on our HVLP machines for a more personal touch in a spray tan service, and dual filters tend to extend the life of a spray tan machine. Despite that, the Fuji M-Model is a fantastic turbine, and we recommend them to our clients in Canada (as Fuji is based in Canada) as a perfect alternative to the outstanding Apollo Sprayers, Inc. machines.


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