Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt (Six Pack)

Made with a unique fabric texture, the mitt visibly removes surface layers of buildup and dead skin instantly. The mitt catches and sloughs off dead cells by simply rolling it off your skin to reveal your healthy and smooth skin underneath to help extend the life of your spray tan! You’ll be amazed at how effective this product is for returning your skin to its cleanest, most natural state, and your spray tan results will be significantly improved by using the Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt to remove all barriers between your skin and your healthy spray tan! The Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt is perfect for those clients who want to come in for a new spray tan each and every week!

Each order contains six black, reusable Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt and a point of display box.


How do I use the Dermasuri Mitt?

Step one: Soften your skin with water only. Go into the shower, bathe or steam for 5-10 minutes. Do not apply any soaps or lotions to your body. The fabric relies on friction. Soaps and shampoos can create a film which makes the skin surface too slippery for the fabric to work to its maximum efficacy.

Step two: Step away from the water. Turn off the shower and squeeze away excess water from the mitt, leaving the mitt slightly damp.

Step three: Remove layers of dead skin. Exfoliate using vigorous upward and downward strokes until you see dead skin cells roll away. Repeat each section of your body. Apply pressure for optimal results.

Step four: Moisturize! After you step out of the shower, use your favorite lotion or oil, and notice it will be absorbed much better than before!

Please note: Skip step four if you are using this mitt right before your spray tan! Remember: you want your skin to be as fresh and free from barriers as possible, so you won’t want to apply a moisturizer before your spray tan service!

What causes cracking and lines with spray tanning?

In the spray tan industry, we often refer to the cracking and lines that sometimes appear on a client’s skin as “Lizard Skin”. This most often occurs when fresh spray tan solution is being applied over an older, fading spray tan. Many clients love to come in for a spray tan every week, but they’ll want to be sure to exfoliate beforehand so that they avoid this cracking, lined appearance in their spray tan. Using the Dermasuri Mitt to exfoliate before your spray tan will slough off most of the already fading spray tan, ensuring a fresh, clean slate for your new gorgeous glow!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 in