Organic Serum – Acai Berry and Sage

Aviva Labs Organic Serums are powerful, concentrated drops of uniquely blended ingredients designed to enhance your client’s spray tan experience by promoting long-term skin health.

Organic Acai Berry and Sage infuses a tan with Vitamins E and K.

Aviva Labs Organic Serums are supplemental drops for your already stunning Aviva Labs spray tans. “Beauty Today Health for Life”: as our company motto states, we want to offer beautiful tans today, and the serums will help your clients maintain and nourish their skin for long-term health as well.

Aviva Labs Organic Serum Fact Booklet


Organic Acai Berry and Sage (84% organic): Our Replenish Serum is an enriching boost to your Aviva Labs spray tan. Organic Coconut, Acai Berry, Sage, and Beet Root infuses your tan with Vitamins E and K for increased skin health, Vitamin A for firmer, more supple skin, and Vitamin C for its amazing antioxidant properties.

What inspired you to create Aviva Organic Serums?

When your clients get an Aviva Labs spray tan, they aren’t just getting any old tan that they can get anywhere else. They are receiving a tan that has a specifically chosen percentage strength, depth of color, type of undertone, and length before rinse off, and the most effective before and aftercare on the market. And now they can also receive which nutrients are best for their skin type! It is the ultimate spray tan experience. A spray treatment rather than a spray tan.

What will these serums do for my business?

Aviva tanning has always been about giving you the ability to provide your client with a customized tan. Now you can take that a step further and also create a solution that will have additional organic ingredients chosen based on your client’s skin type to maximize the spray tan’s long-term health benefits!

How do I use the Organic Spray Tan Serums?/How do I know which drops to use?

There is a downloadable instructional booklet on this product page that explains everything you need to know about the organic serums. There is also a downloadable consultation sheet that you may use while consulting your clients. The instructional booklet contains information on storage and usage instructions, and a comprehensive FAQ section that should answer all of your questions. The consultation sheet explains how to match up the best serum with the individual client’s needs.

Who are organic spray tan serums for?/Who should I use organic spray tan serums on?

This is gone over in greater detail in the instructional booklet that comes with the serums, along with an updated consultation form to help with the individual client recommendation, but the good news is that these are perfect for just about any spray tan client who is interested in improving their skin health over time by targeting the problem areas, such as dry or aging skin. The great news is that the impact of these organic spray tan serums increases over time: so the more your client uses them, the better their skin health, and their spray tanning results, will be!

How many treatments do I get from a single organic serum bottle?

This is gone over in greater detail in the instructional booklet that’s sent along with the serums, but long story short: one full bottle of Serum has been designed to supplement a full liter’s worth of spray tans so that there is no waste!

Aviva Labs Organic Serum Fact Booklet

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