Shimmer Spritzers, Spray-On Cosmetic Glitter

Shimmer Spritzers are a great add-on service to your spray tan. They are immensely popular for special events like bridal showers, prom, homecoming, photoshoots, and nights out on the town. Coming in an array of color, Shimmer Spritzers can add a gentle sparkle to your tan or you can turn up the heat with a few more sprays and become a glittering goddess! Made from carefully selected mica chips that are ground finer than other cosmetic glitters for a lighter, more flirtatious look.

Bottle Size: 2 ounces

Available Colors: Gold, Silver, Pearlescent, Go Wild (Combination of all three)

Selling Points: Enhance the look of a tan, or add a breath of youthful fun and excitement for any event. Washes off in the shower, and does not stain. Convenient spritzer pump for perfect application.  

Who it’s for: Anyone looking to excite their look with a dazzling sparkle.

For best results: Point and spray!

Tips from the Team: “Shimmer Spritzers are a great addition to my list of services. You can up-sell a client by giving them that little extra sparkle to make their tans really pop–it’s an absolute hit with my prom girls!”

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Which color Shimmer Spritzer should I purchase?

Because Shimmer Spritzers come in four different colors, it doesn’t hurt to have some help on which color might be best for you. Another thing to consider is what the event is: if you are going out to the club for the night, you’re going to want to use what will stand out most on your skin, while other events, like a bridal shower, might be perfect for a more subtle approach. Silver and pearlescent looks best on olive and darker skin tones, while gold looks fantastic on fairer skin tones. Go Wild, since it’s a combination of all three, really looks great on everyone.

Additional information

Weight0.2 lbs
Dimensions1.5 x 1.5 x 5.5 in
Shimmer Color

Gold, Silver, Pearlescent, Go Wild! (Combination of all 3 Colors)