Sunless 101 Online Spray Tan Certification Training

At our business-building Sunless 101 Spray Tan Certification class, you’ll learn first-hand what puts Aviva Labs above and beyond all other training programs.

At any of our spray tan training academy courses, you’ll get the one-on-one business consultation that you deserve. You will also discover the best tips, insider tricks, and marketing information that your business will need in order to thrive. Veterans and newcomers alike are both encouraged to attend. Take full advantage of the newest business practices and marketing theory, created by our collaboration of master estheticians, successful salon professionals, and business entrepreneurs.

At our on-site training, you’ll also be taught live by our team so that you can experience the spray tan techniques we’ve founded and perfected, which have helped thousands achieve their full potential.

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What You Will Learn

Discover common mistakes and how you can avoid them from the start

Master Aviva’s signature “sun-kissed” technique, which is indistinguishable from a real tan

Find the secrets behind winning clients for life

Gain the understanding needed to guarantee flawless results with every spray tan

Learn how to customize your service for each client’s body and skin type

How to dramatically increase your number of spray tans per week