Sunless Masters – Online Course

Sunless Masters Course: An advanced level class in Spray Tanning Artistry

This 3 hour course allows you to study at your own pace. You must have completed the Sunless 101 or been spraying for 2 years or more before you are ready for this level of artistry.

We teach you how to get started in Sunless 101. But in this day and age, just having a nice service isn’t enough to keep clients coming back for a lifetime; that requires a point of differentiation, something they get from that salon or spa that they can’t get anywhere else. This is what the Master Course is all about. This is perfect for estheticians, stylists, cosmetologists and mobile business owners who want to expand their skill set now that they have mastered the fundamentals and want to offer their clients a more customized and premium service.

A Full Day of Artistry: This class is minimal theory, as by now you know what you are doing; this is the next step. You will spend the majority of the day learning techniques to craft amazing sunless tans.

This 3 hour online course comes complete with an in-depth demonstration of our flawless spray tanning technique, a downloadable workbook, and an interactive training session.

An Aviva Academy Sunless Masters Certificate will be awarded and mailed to you at the completion of the Sunless Masters Course.


What do I learn at the Sunless Masters Training?

  • Blow your male or female athletic clients away with muscle enhancing techniques.
  • Increase profits and wow customers by offering a Premium Sunless Spray Tanning Experience.
  • Master advanced techniques, learning new, easy to use settings on your HVLP equipment