T50X Happy Mist

Unquestionably the best machine you’ll find in its tier, the Happy Mist is on the crossroads of performance and affordability. Manufactured for businesses who are not planning on expanding their spray tanning service to more than twenty tans per month, this machine is our smallest system. Don’t let its size fool you: this machine remains reliable to the very end and comes with a fine mist applicator that will provide flawless tans when you need them.

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Weight: 2.8 pounds

Color: Black

Noise Level: 75 Decibels

Type: HVLP

Warranties: 6 month warranty. “Till The End of Time”™ Service Warranty

Manufacturer: Apollo Sprayers, Inc.

Additional features: Quick connect couplings for ease of use. 10’ flexible hose. T6050 Spray Tan applicator gun. Zero Downtime™ Loaner Program

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I’m planning on starting a mobile business, should I purchase the Happy Mist?

The Happy Mist is a reliable machine made from a leading US manufacturer of HVLP spray tan equipment, but it is really designed for those who are only ever planning on doing about 4 to 5 spray tans a week. This means that the Happy Mist is generally reserved for salons who have many services and want to add one more, but who aren’t going to be actively promoting spray tanning, or a mobile business owner whose sole spray tan clients are going to be a single spray tan party that meets up every other week.

Tips from the Team; “I started my mobile business with a different company. When I switched to Aviva Labs, I also bought a Happy Mist as a backup in case the other company’s machine failed. When it finally did, I went with the Mini Mist from Aviva Labs as my next machine, and I still have my Happy Mist too!” -Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Spray Tans

What should I look for and avoid when purchasing a Tier One machine?

If you’re looking at a tier one machine to save money on your startup budget then it might end up costing you more than you know if you don’t purchase the right one. Many tier one machines have unreliable spray patterns and are prone to clogging, both of which can hurt your business’s professionalism and the overall client experience. Worse than that, tier one machines are usually made with plastic parts that break easily and often cannot be disassembled, so when they do clog, which they ALWAYS eventually do, you won’t be able to clean it and will have to buy a brand new one. In the end, these machines could end up costing you far more than a Tier Two or Three ever would.

Things to Avoid: Manufactured in China. Cost less than $150. Plastic internal parts. Always ask if it can be cleaned/taken apart!

Things to look for: Steel internal parts in the gun (especially the needle!) and quick connect couplings on the turbine and gun (twist fittings often break or pop loose during spray tan sessions).

Additional information

Weight 7.2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

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