How much space do you need for a spray tan service?

The greatest thing is that if you work at or own a salon or spa, then you might already have all the space you need to begin spray tanning!
Spray tanning only requires an area large enough for your client to spread their arms, and the space only has to be dedicated to spray tanning for as long as the client is present since set up and take down is only a matter of minutes!
For both mobile and static businesses, to get an idea of the type of space you will need, ask yourself these questions:

  • Bending both arms at the elbow to form a right angle with each, can you turn around without touching a wall with either arm?
  • Is the area well ventilated and well lit?
  • Does the area provide privacy?
  • Will your popup tent or spray tan backdrop fit in the space provided? (Measure for at least 6’x6’)
  • Is there an outlet to plug your machine into?

If you answered “yes” to each question, then you should be able to complete a spray tan service in the area provided!

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