Private Labeling

Are you looking for a private label partner?

Based on what we hear from every private label customer who switches to us, they simply don’t get all of those options from other manufacturers. Especially when it comes to the formula, other manufacturers usually give you a choice of the products they are already making, with very little customization or none at all.

Many of our private label customers are not startups—they used other manufacturer—only to be extremely disappointed with them over time. When they switch to us, they never leave. As you may know, we were one of the first manufacturers of sunless solutions, founded in 2003. We have private labeled since that time, so we have a long, successful history in this field. We win on nearly every decision criteria: Quality, performance, consistency, superior formulations, formula options (DHA strength, tint colors, fragrance library, anti-aging & organic hero ingredients, etc.), open communication, and delivering on our commitments.

The challenge is that there’s a tradeoff between formulating a custom solution and time & cost. Our past process was complex, time-consuming, and expensive with lots of trial-and-error as you dialed in the features you liked the most. This meant we had to the number of private label requests we could service, disappointing many of the people asking us for help.

Therefore, over the last year we’ve developed exciting, revolutionary new process to get you to your perfect solution. Quick, simple, and low cost.

For more information concerning these services, please fill out the form below, email us at, or call us toll-free at 888-692-8482 (+1 781-209-1551 outside US).

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