Private Labeling

What if you could

•   Receive custom, personalized formulas within one week? 

•   Choose from half a million possible unique formulas?

•   Pay NO upfront formulation fees?

•   Start with NO minimums?

•   Find your perfect formula for your unique preferences?

•   Your custom orders ship in just 1 week or less!

After 20 years of customized private labeling, Aviva has a revolutionary new way:


This program delivers every one of those things.

Our competitors call us crazy…

If you’ve been talking to other manufacturers, they’ll tell you this is impossible:

•   It’s going to take them 6-12 months to launch a new formula

•   They only offer a few formula choices

•   They’ll charge you $5,000 in startup fees

•   They want 1,000 bottle minimum order to start the work

•   You’ll end up compromising for a mediocre formula

•   All customer orders take 3-6 weeks to make

Just think about these possibilities

 •   Any DHA strength ranging from 1% to 16% plus 1-hour rapids

 •   21 bronzer color tints

 •   More than 100 fragrances to choose from

 •   12 certified organics to nourish the skin and 12 powerful anti-aging ingredients

 •   Why settle for some other company’s “off-the-shelf” formula?

The Aviva difference

Most other so called “private label” manufacturers want to just sell you their existing “off-the-shelf” product with your label. We call that “white label”. We believe you want more.

You’re looking for a unique product that represents you and your brand, that isn’t just a commonly available solution they can already buy from multiple online stores but with your label on it. We think you’ll agree that differentiation is the cornerstone of your successful private label brand’s success.

And you’ll only find that with Aviva’s FORMULATOR DREAM™

We’re so sure you’ll love it, we’re going to let you try it before you buy it!


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