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Why Choose Aviva Training?

1. The undisputed FASTEST path from start to SUCCESS!

2. 100% money-back guarantee, you’ll be thrilled with the training system or get your money back

3. Confidence in #1 world leader in sunless spray tan education

• Sunless manufacturing since 2003
• We have been delivering training since  2007
• World’s first spray tan academy
• Tens of thousands of students have learned from us

4. Get access today and learn at your own pace, on your own schedule.

5. More than just an online class, our COMPLETE SYSTEM comes with a business roadmap, online training, program guides, marketing help, and more!

6. An entire support team of spray tan experts help your business for life. Warning: Don’t purchase training from a one-person company!

7. Access to the industry’s largest sunless education database, spray tan education, resources & proven business guidelines

8. Discounted rates on products and solutions from the prestigious Aviva Labs, the world’s leader in sunless tanning formulations

9. Learn our foolproof technique and gain the confidence you need to get up and running quickly!

10. Exclusive access to the Aviva students’ group forum: Discuss sunless with thousands of experienced spray tan business owners!

What will you learn?

The Aviva training system is unlike any other one-day online or hands-on training.

We focus on the top 10 steps to success:

1. How to quickly launch your business

2. How to avoid the top mistakes new spray tan businesses make

3. The fastest way to grow your business after launch

4. Which spray solutions and equipment are right for you

5. Become a sunless specialist by easily customizing your tans

6. How to educate your clients to ensure they don’t ruin their tans after the session

7. Spray consistently and flawlessly every time — the easiest technique

8. How to practice after class to get the best, fastest improvements

9. How to become a marketing superstar, putting technology to work for you

10. The secrets to locking in loyal customers for life

How much can you earn?

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Meet Your Sunless Certification Trainers

Our classes are taught by experienced professionals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge.
You’ll have the opportunity to get hands-on experience in a supportive and fun environment.

Founder & CEO
Aviva Labs

National Business Director
Aviva Labs

Lauren A
Master Trainer

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Master Trainer

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Master Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

You are not required to receive a spray tan while at our training; however, if you would like to experience what it will feel like for your client, then feel free to bring a bathing suit or other clothing option that you would feel comfortable receiving spray tan in. Besides that, we provide the rest: Workbooks, pens/notepads, machines, equipment, practice solution, and world renowned know-how!

Our class is an all-day, one day course, starting at 9AM in the morning and only ending when you are completely satisfied, usually around 3-4PM.

Definitely not! There is a ton of questionable equipment and solution on Amazon, e-Bay, and online that are just not good enough for use in a spray tan business. Wait until the class and you will learn how to choose proper spray tanning equipment and solutions that are perfect for you and your business.

Yes. Normally, we pair you up with someone in the class, so you will act as both the client receiving the service and the business owner providing the service. Using this technique, you will have the most immersive training experience possible. Of course, if you are attending class with someone then you can simply pair up with them.

You sure can! We offer amazing deals to anyone who attends our training. And ask our trainers about how you can apply a portion of your class ticket purchase towards starter kits!

There are dozens of spray tan training’s out there. The hardest decision isn’t in finding a date you can attend the training class or in finding a spray tan company that has a good reputation. The hardest decision is in finding the right training.

Moderately successful spray tan businesses can expect to achieve anywhere between 5-15 spray tans a week. Truly successful spray tan businesses attain 50, 70, and even 100 spray tans a week (a difference of $2,975 in profit!). The difference? Training.

To be this successful, you will be told that what you need is the best equipment, the best machine, the best spray tan solution (of course), a great attitude, and a desire to see your business succeed.

And that’s all you need, right? Wrong.

  • What do you do to prevent your business from slowing down in the winter?
  • How do you compete with the new salon that just moved in half a block away?
  • Will you know the answer when a client comes to you with a specific question?
  • Will your top of the line machine answer that question for you? Of course not.
  • How will your “desire to succeed” bring customers through your door in November? It won’t.

The unfortunate truth is that there is a lot of pseudo-training out there: training that sounds great and looks great, but is actually just an over-glorified sales pitch rather than a business building seminar. The worst thing that can happen for your business’s success is that you leave a training without having the answers you need.

True success-driven spray tan training:

  • Focuses on building your business rather than making a sale
  • Offers hands-on technique training on live models rather than a hands-off demonstration or practicing on towels (unless, of course, you are going to be spray tanning towels for a living)
  • Is part one-on-one consultation, part business marketing seminar, part open discussion
  • Is taught by the most knowledgeable experts in the field, using tried-and-true methods

So what will work best for you? For some, our on-site Sunless 101 Spray Tan Training course is the best option. For others, it’s our Sunless 101 Online Training, or our free training options. What is most important, though, is that you get the training that you need for your business.

The answer to that question really depends on your answer to this question: What type of business are you looking to start? Are you working in a Spa or Salon, are you striking out on your own with a mobile business or starting from your home before branching out? How you answer will greatly affect your equipment choice.

Spas and high-end salons are most likely going to want to go with a Photoshoot-style Spray Tan Backdrop and a quiet machine to ensure their clients have a relaxing, pleasant visit. If a quiet machine is what you’re looking for, then we recommend the Eco-2 Mighty Mist, one of the most silent machines on the market, and geared towards huge volume locations thanks to its dual-turbine engineering.

Multi-function salons (Think: hair/nails/brows) and mobile businesses who might also moonlight in a salon or other location normally choose to go with the Photoshoot-style Spray Tan Backdrop and a strong, professional machine like the Mobile Mist, which combines versatility, performance, and ease-of-use within a sleek, portable case.

Mobile-only businesses usually choose to begin with a more conservative approach, opting to start with a Popup Spray Tan Tent and a T100X Mini-Mist spray tan machine for its rugged durability, super reliability, and compact design.

Really though, the choice is yours to make. You will have every opportunity to try out these spray tan machines on the day of training, but if you have some questions before your class date please call us at (781) 209-1551.

Absolutely! We spend a significant amount of time with the fast track to starting a mobile business.

A mobile business gives you the chance to be your own boss with a very low cost startup. With a mobile business, you have the freedom to work when you want, where you want. As a mobile spray tan business owner, you don’t have to dig too deep into your budget to get started: but that doesn’t mean you should get the cheapest stuff out there either! The difference between running a successful mobile spray tan business and only managing to keep your head above water is the quality of your equipment, your solutions, and your training.

We’ve done the research for you. At Aviva Labs, we’ve tested thousands of formulas and thousands of machines so you know you’ll be getting the very best in both. We’re also constantly perfecting our Sunless 101 Spray Tan Certification Training by interviewing and working with our most successful businesses in each field (Spa, Salon, Mobile) to ensure you have the most up to date, most accurate training in the world. You will hear from the experts on how best to start your business, and the secrets they used in making their businesses making money fast.

Age 18 is the minimum age to attend, or age 16 can attend with an adult/guardian.

Of course! Please allow for extra time, as you’ll receive hands-on training in a separated section of the class as the trainer’s time permits. You will still get the full experience of expert hands-on training and spraying time. Please note that, while we encourage you to bring a model to practice on for the (afternoon) hands-on session, male models will not be permitted.