HVLP Professional Spray Tanning Tent

Perfect for on-the-go mobile businesses. Fast setup and open-topped to ensure the best lighting and least shadows. Folds up and easy to carry, weighs less than 8 pounds! Waterproof and stain resistant means your clients will be put at ease; lightweight so that your not tired after a long and successful day of spray tanning! Our spray tan tents are designed with extra wide doors for maximum customer comfort.

Weight: 7.8 Lbs.

Height: 7’

Width: 4’x4’

Door Height: 6’

Color: Black

Frame Type: High-gauge, low-memory spring steel

Fabric: Highgrade 210D 100% Polyester

Fan Opening Dimensions: 24”x25.5”

Additional Features: Oversized carrying bag with shoulder strap. Easy cleanup, even easier setup and takedown. Stain resistant,waterproof flooring. Lightweight. Skylight for maximum visibility. Pocket back design for extraction fan. Double stitched, tensile fabric.

Tips from the Team; “The spray tan popup tent is nice because it is self contained, meaning that any excess solution should either fall to the floor or adhere to the sides, making the entire service easier and cleaner.”

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Should I choose a backdrop or a tent for my spray tan business?

Both the spray tan backdrop and tanning tent have their pros and cons. While we can make suggestions, in the end it’s your business and you need to decide what’s right for you:

Why choose a Spray Tanning Tent: a spray tan tent is a good, budget-conscious choice for mobile users. It is very easy to setup, and is made with lightweight memory spring steel. It adds an instant privacy booth for your customers, and is designed with a back pocket for an extraction fan and made with a leak proof polyester floor and a skylight for added visibility.

Why choose a Spray Tan Backdrop: a backdrop provides the most versatility for you and your clients. It’s great for salon and spa owners because it can be used both as a privacy screen for your clients and can be adjusted to meet the size constraints of the room provided. Cleaning it is a breeze too: the cloth is machine washable so there is virtually no cleanup at the end of the day. In addition, the backdrop provides maximum visibility so you won’t have to worry about missing a spot on your clients due to shadowing or poorer lighting conditions.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 2 in