10 Ways To Get Spray Tanning Clients in the Winter

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There is really no reason for your business to slow down in the winter, if anything it should increase. Going to a salon or spa or having a professional come to your home is a wonderful way to break up the monotony of the dreary winter months. So how do you get people thinking about your business, how do you get them to treat themselves to a relaxing day in quite possibly the busiest of seasons? When put that way, it shouldn’t be so hard should it? Here’s a list of ideas you can use to get people thinking about coming to see you.

1. Twelve Days of Christmas — different special each day

This is a good technique for getting different groups of people in. Obviously your clients are not going to come to each event, but certainly there will be something that appeals to them. Maybe you offer a massage and a spray tan, or a facial and a hair styling, or maybe it’s as simple as a free holiday-themed drink when they come in. Anything that gets their attention will work.


2. Spend $XX in December and receive Y

For example: get a spray tan and sign up for a second spray tan, then receive a certificate to tan for FREE in January. This could be something that your client either keeps or could use as a great gift to a neighbor, family member, friend, boss, etc. In addition to rewarding a loyal customer, it also gives you the potential to gain a completely new client!


3. Christmas Cards/Holiday Cards

This should be a no-brainer. If you haven’t been doing this, then you really need to reconsider! This doesn’t even have to be a physical card (E-cards or emails would work too), but I guarantee that your clients will appreciate it. Note: if you aren’t sure about certain customers, sending a “holiday” card rather than a specific “Christmas/Kwanza/etc.” card is the safer route to go. Even if your card doesn’t include any discounts or BOGO sales it’s still a nice gesture that will make them think of you in the future.


4. Winter Contracts and memberships

Create a discounted contract specifically for the December, January, and February. Call it the Snowed-in Special or something catchy, and promise a beautiful subtle tan and moisturizers or a massage to ease out those stress knots from holiday shopping and walking along icy sidewalks. Contracts are great because it means that: 1. A person is compelled to come in more often (thus strengthening your relationship) 2. If they miss a month for whatever reason, they are still paying you a monthly rate so you don’t lose out. 3. If they are willing to sign a contract then they are most likely going to continue signing up with you.

You could also offer Prepaid memberships at discounted prices: buy ten months and get 2 free or 20 tans get 5 tans free. These are the same idea as the contract. Sure you may be selling them a service at a discounted price, but you are still making more money than if you didn’t sell it at all.


5.Offer a lower price

REALLY work to make this in your favor. For example – rather than offering your clients one month at half off–offer two months or a spray tan and a lotion at 50%. This idea is because if you take 50% of 30 dollars it only comes out to $15 savings, but 50% off of 100 dollars is a $50 dollars savings. And that’s what you have to sell them on.

The more they buy, the more they save. Sell them on the savings, not the percentage off. You want them to think about how much money they could be saving if they purchased more—it looks bigger the more things they buy, and makes you seem even more generous without even doing anything extra.


6. Add value rather than lower prices

For example – instead of 30% off, offer a client a deal like: Buy one spray tan and get the second 50% off. Not only does it get them to book a second spray tan, but it is just a 25% discount even though it sounds like a better deal than 30% off.


7. Sell the product itself

“Even out your skin tone, get rid of your blemishes, and look healthier and skinnier today.”  

With skin easily breaking out and looking uneven, a subtle spray tan should be at the top of everyone’s wish list.

Is the spray tan part of your business is slow? The thing is: how will your clients ask you for a “winter-shaded” tan if you never tell them they have the option? You have to let them know that you offer these great services, you can’t just stand around and wait for them to find out.


8. Make sure your store looks nice

Appearance can greatly affect how a customer feels about your business. Decorate, or make repairs before they become a problem—be proactive, not reactive.


9. Food drives, clothing drives, toy drives

Offer a discount or a free service with their purchase for anyone who brings in an item or two. Not only will this get people in your door, but it will also generate a sense of community, give them a good feeling about themselves and your salon, and give them a great memory of your salon, spa, or mobile business.


10. Start your own winter campaign

Try the “Tour” technique I mentioned in my earlier article, give introductory offers to the first 20 clients who sign up with a contract or reward referrals of first-time customers. One of the best things you could do to generate awareness is to tell your clients that they can get a discount if they share your business’s Facebook page onto their own page. This will not only spread your business, but it will also encourage those who share to come in to receive their reward.

Want to get some advice from other spray tan professionals? Join our Facebook community and get to know our followers. And if you have any great ideas that have worked for you, please share them with us so that we can help other salon owners!

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