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5 Reasons To Avoid Oil in a Spray Tan Solution

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Sometimes this job can be very hard

I like oil. I love oil. But when it comes to a natural-looking, healthy spray tan solution, I hate oil. While oil is great in skincare products, it can ruin the experience and result of a spray tan; making it about as useful as a concrete parachute.


1. Dries way faster without oil

You could stand around in front of a fan, feeling like you just got sneezed on by a camel with strange, lavender-scented drool; or you could choose to already be on your way out the door.

While oil is great for making sure your skin is healthy and hydrated, it also causes whatever product it’s in to have a much longer drying time than a water-based alternative.


2. Isn’t Sticky or Tacky

By its very nature, oil has a sticky feel to it—if you’ve ever got olive oil on your fingers while cooking then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Now imagine that same stickiness that’s on your fingers spread over the entirety of your body: in between your fingers and toes, in your elbow, down your neck—all sticky like you fell into the La Brea tar pit.

How terrible would that be to wear clothes while feeling like that?


3. Doesn’t stain sheets clothes or towels

DHA does not stain clothes. Let me say that again in case you missed it. DHA does not stain clothes.


A solution that has oil (including fragrance oils) in it will stain. That is why most companies tell you to wear baggy, dark clothing to a spray tan appointment: it’s still going to stain the clothes when you put them on, but they are hoping that you won’t notice because you are wearing black.

Baggy, dark clothing is great, but what about for those of us who aren’t going to a heavy metal concert after our spray tan? Is there a way we can get a tan without looking like we want to bite the head off of a bat?

With an oil-free solution, you can have your tan and look like a normal member of society all at the same time!


4. Gives the client a better experience during and after the spray tan

This should be a no-brainer. You’re running a business: would you rather have good customer reviews or bad? Which review would you prefer:

“I went to Sun on my Buns tanning salon and everyone was so friendly! I felt like I met a bunch of new friends. Unfortunately, after my spray tan I had to sit awkwardly in front of a fan for a few minutes and let Jane Doe pat me down with a towel to make sure I was dry—all while I was topless! After that, I put my clothes on and when I got home I noticed a stain on the collar of my shirt. I called the company and they walked me through the best way to clean it, but there is still some color that I just can’t get out. It was a nice enough salon, but I’m unsatisfied with my experience.”


“I went to Sun on my Buns tanning salon and everyone was so friendly! I felt like I met a bunch of new friends. My spray tan dried in seconds and I was back in my work clothes before I knew it! Great experience, great salon—can’t wait to go back again! Thanks Jane Doe!”


5. Allergies from peanut oils and other things

If nothing else, you should be aware that oils, and fragrance oils, can cause allergic reactions. These could range from rashes, acne, breakouts, and blackheads to worse reactions if sprayed on someone with a serious nut allergy. 

Think of it like a dartboard: with each throw you have a chance of landing on a number. What if each time you landed on the number 3, one of your clients was going to have an allergic reaction? Would you keep playing, or would you get a new dartboard?

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