Vegas Rapid Tan (4oz Sample)

As enchanting as the city that inspired it, City Tan Vegas builds upon a deep, hickory brown with a potion made from the subtle pairing of darker plum undertones and lighter violet highlights. When the solution feels as smooth as cashmere on your skin, you’ll know it’s Aviva, but when you witness the spell cast upon anyone who looks at you, you’ll swear it’s magic.

Color: Plum and hickory-brown

Benefits: Wash off sooner!, Oil-free (No sticky or tacky spray tan feeling!), Alcohol-free (Won’t dry out your skin!), Fragrance-Free (No stinky “cover up” smell), Dries in seconds, Fades evenly

Set Time: 30 minutes to 3+ hours (depends on skin type)

Shelf Life: 6-Month Guarantee, can last up to one year

Who it’s for: Vegas is for those seeking a beautiful, unique tan with a hint of violet. It works wonders on those with a medium skin tone by heightening their tan with plum shades; it’s also a favorite of clients with fairer skin tones because the touch of violet is reminiscent of the way their skin naturally tans while the deeper brown provides that beautiful, darker tone they love.

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Can I go swimming after I’ve rinsed off Vegas?

Dive right in! One of the great things about any City Tan is that it allows you to get back to your life sooner. With Vegas, or any of our rapid tans, you can jump into swimming pools, go to the gym, or get caught in the rain without fear of your spray tan getting ruined. This is a great product for anyone who wants to avoid the feeling that they can’t do anything for the next ten to twelve hours while their spray tan is developing: now you can get out there and have fun again!

Just remember: Even though you can wash off sooner, there are a few things that can still disrupt the development of your tan. soap, moist not designed for spray tanning, shaving,

Where did Aviva Labs get the idea for a plum-brown tan?

We started the world’s first spray tan academy right near our headquarters outside of Boston. We taught hundreds of salons, spas, and mobile business owners in Massachusetts alone before we decided to share our training elsewhere. In the beginning, Aviva Labs’ president Mitch Bloom would personally go to each training. One of those trainings was in Las Vegas.

As he touched down on the tarmac at McCarran International, Mitch looked out from the plane, amazed by what he saw. The sands of Las Vegas were illuminated by both a deep, red sunset and the dazzling, welcoming lights of the strip. The desert danced with blues, purples, and reds. City Tan Vegas was born.

My City Tan disappeared with my first rinse off–is my tan gone?

No, your tan is not gone. DHA (the active tanning ingredient in our spray tan solutions) requires between eight to twelve hours to fully develop into your final tan; City Tans simply allow you to wash off the solution faster. So while you washed off the visible bronzer, your tan will continue to develop as the day goes by, but will be unharmed by rain, swimming, and exercise! So don’t be worried when you rinse off in the shower and see the bronzer color go down the drain–your tan will gradually deepen into a beautiful, flawless tan over the course of the next several hours!

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