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10 Ways to Make More Money With Spray Tanning

How to easily increase revenue step by step for your spray tanning business! 1. MY TECHNIQUE The Problem: My technique is not good. I focus on speed spraying one very heavy coat. I have random spray patterns, combination of up & down, side-to-side, and curly Q’s. The Fix: I now use two light coats on my clients so they don’t get too wet and I can go over any spots I may have missed on the first coat. I now […]

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5 Steps to Increase Spray Tan Revenues

Are you looking to increase sunless revenues? Try these simple steps: 1: Banish the thought of orange. Scientific advancements in sunless tanning formulations have eliminated the “orange” look in favor of a more natural glow. Make sure your clients are aware that better formulations coupled with the proper concentration of dihydroxyacetone (DHA), can deliver a tan so natural, only the client and technician will know otherwise. 2: Practice. There is no license required to be a spray technician—a steady arm and […]

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