Aviva Labs Natural Spray Tanning: An Industry Leader in Sunless Innovations

Aviva Labs Natural Spray Tanning: An Industry Leader in Sunless Innovations

Aviva Labs Natural Spray Tanning constantly pursues innovation to provide its spray tanning professionals with leading products that deliver the world’s best performerance. Aviva is proud to be considered one of the industry’s top innovation leaders.

Aviva Labs is the home of many “firsts” in sunless tanning

  • Aviva Labs Spray Tanning Academy: The industry’s first spray tan academy
  • Aviva Labs’ City Tan™ Collection: The world’s first 30-Minute Wash-Off Tan™
  • Aviva Inspires: The first spray tan solution that is oil-free, alcohol-free, and fragrance-free (meaning it dries in seconds, has no sticky feel and no odor)
  • Aviva Shower Glow™: The world’s first DHA-Infused Body Wash

Since Aviva Labs began as a spinoff of a successful biotech company, we are dedicated to health and thus created the world’s mildest, hypoallergenic sunless tanning products that are erythrulose-free and made with the highest quality, premium grade DHA (dihydroxyacetone) available. Our innovations will never come at the sacrifice of healthy skin. We are truly proud to offer you Aviva Labs Natural Spray Tanning Solution.

Our innovative formula

  • Is designed to diminish the chance of allergic reaction, reduce clogged pores and acne breakouts
  • Eliminates the staining of clothes or bed sheets
  • Comes in different DHA concentrations and colors to suit every skin type for the most natural looking tan
  • Is ideal for spray booth application. Offers faster drying time, reduced clogging of spray nozzles, and less clean-up time for a faster ROI (return on investment) for spray booth owners.
  • Was created specifically for HVLP/Turbo spray tan machines. Reduces overspray and optimizes evenness.
  • Contains our exclusive bronzer with perfect color balance. Custom blended for that “just walked off the beach” tan coloring with a hint of your skin’s natural undertones.
  • Guarantees your resulting DHA tan will exactly match the color and darkness level that you were initially sprayed with. This eliminates the “Post-Shower Letdown™” you may experience with other spray tan solutions.

From our US research and development facility in Massachusetts, we will continue to strive to create sunless tanning products to further revolutionize the industry.