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Equipment 101

Spray Tan Techniques

Do I Need an Extraction Fan for Spray Tanning?

An extraction fan can be a great weapon in your arsenal. As the name suggests, the fan’s purpose is to collect any excess spray tan particles and purify the air as you work. This not only provides that extra level of professionalism to your business, but also provides a nice atmosphere for you and your client to work together in. Why should I get an extraction fan? No matter the business, if you are working in a confined space you […]

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Part Three: Easy-Fix Solutions To Spray Gun Problems, Other Issues

Other issues None of the above seem to be the issue? Below are some more tips that may help you solve that problem. If your gun seems to be sputtering or spitting like my grandfather used to whenever he forgot to put in his dentures: This is most often caused by a clog in the nozzle (see image above: item 3). Think of it this way: when you’re watering your garden, have you ever put your thumb over the hose […]

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How Do I Clean My T100X HVLP Spray Tan Machine Filter

If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your spray tan machine’s filter then I’m telling you now that it is time to clean it. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean some huge instruction manual or hours of blood, sweat, and tears. The filter can be taken out, cleaned, and put back in a matter of a few minutes. Why clean my filter? If your filter is clogged it could prevent airflow through your machine. This means that your spray […]

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How Do I Set Up a Spray Tan Tent?

The Co-founder of our company, Mitch Bloom, challenged me to set up and take down a spray tent, “Just so I could have the experience.” I’ve heard they were difficult to deal with, but was sure that I could handle it: I nearly lost an eye (and my temper). I’ve decided to put together a short article about my adventure. Moving it to my “set up” spot I had two spray tents that I tried out. One was the kind […]

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How quiet should my spray tan machine be?

Close your eyes. Imagine you’ve just walked into a room. It’s warm. You’re welcomed by a smiling consultant. You are lead into a quiet room, and asked to make yourself comfortable. There is soft music, something you might easily fall asleep to. Your consultant returns, smiling, wielding a roaring, snarling chainsaw. Okay, now open your eyes; I have two questions for you: 1. Would you find something as loud as a chainsaw relaxing when you are being beautified? 2. How […]

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Part Three of: What is the Best Spray Tan Machine and Equipment?

Experience matters: Make sure that the company specializes in highly recommended spray tan machines. If they don’t, then the machine was probably not engineered by someone with any experience in the spray tan business. (Simply: would you trust a plumber to give your clients a facial peel? Of course not, so why trust a copycat company to create a well-designed spray tan machine?) How loud is too loud for your spray tan machine? Ask yourself this: Do you want your […]

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What’s Better for my Spray Tan Business: a Spray Tent or a Backdrop?

This question is really less about what’s better and more about what’s more convenient. Really, you have to ask yourself which would be easier for you to set up and take down, which would work better for your business, and which would be more comfortable for your client. I won’t lie: I’ve heard some horror stories about the set up and take down of spray tan tents, as I’m sure you have as well, but not every tent is the […]

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What’s A Good Spray Tan Machine?

Our engineering team has conducted hundreds of hours of research, testing and comparing thousands of machines, and have broken down all of the equipment out on the market today into four categories. Now, keep in mind that there are many machines that fall within each category, but this will help you narrow down your search tremendously.   Tier One These machines are your lowest quality machines and should be avoided at all costs. They are cheap, and are cheap for […]

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Easy-Fix Solutions to spray gun problems

Sorry to hear that you have been having some problems with your spray gun. Don’t worry: we’re here to help! I’ve listed the three most common spray gun problems below, but if you have additional questions please feel free to contact us at 781-209-1551! My cup is leaking This most often occurs when the cup is not tightened into the gun properly. The cup is somewhat easy to incorrectly thread and this will result in spray tan solution leaking from […]

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