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Our clients absolutely love the product – they just love the fact that they can have a spray tan and go straight out for lunch!! We had an outstanding first 12 months in the salon, completing over 3,500 spray tans for the year, with a record week of…Read more of Jess Rooney’s story »

“Aviva Labs dries almost instantly, does not smell, looks absolutely beautiful, and allows them to carry on with their day without feeling wet and sticky. The quick procedure has generated…Read more of Joseph Forni’s story »

Abby Reid, The Sun Tan Van

I will never forget the day we sold our first bottle of solution to a client! It was a great day full of overwhelming excitement, anticipation and celebration. However, I can tell you that not all feelings were of jubilation. There were plenty of the fears, uncertainties and doubts that most business owners face at the beginning. So I did the only thing I could think of. I shook them off and labored on, in what has become the most challenging but fun adventure of my life…

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