Natural Spray Tanning

Since its founding, Aviva Labs has been dedicated to providing the most natural looking spray tans on the market. Through extensive trial and error, Aviva Labs discovered truly natural colors that perfectly mimicked the tans achieved from the sun. And we continue to test out new products, and try out new formulas, to see what else we can come up with! Our solutions range from the subtle hints of color in our Winterglow solution to our deepest, darkest tans from Vegas, but we guarantee that all of our solutions will dazzle and amaze! For a long time, the spray tan industry has been dominated by colors that look too dark, are too even, or just simply don’t “look right”. Aviva’s goal, for over 13 years now, has always been to show the tanning industry that a fake tan doesn’t have to look fake. We pride ourselves in delivering the most natural looking, healthiest solutions on the market.

Interested in creating your own spray tan solution? Contact us for private labeling options!