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Skin Care

5 Reasons To Avoid Oil in a Spray Tan Solution

Sometimes this job can be very hard I like oil. I love oil. But when it comes to a natural-looking, healthy spray tan solution, I hate oil. While oil is great in skincare products, it can ruin the experience and result of a spray tan; making it about as useful as a concrete parachute.   1. Dries way faster without oil You could stand around in front of a fan, feeling like you just got sneezed on by a camel […]

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6 Reasons Why Alcohol is Bad in a Spray Tan Solution

Almost everyone loves a good drink, but everyone loves a good spray tan; many companies try to combine the two. I know! At first I was excited too: just open your mouth and get your spray-tan-drink on! Unfortunately it isn’t the right alcohol, and even more unfortunate is that alcohol can drastically affect your spray tan.   1. Dries out the skin Here’s a quick bit of logic for you: Alcohol can leave your skin very dry. Very dry skin […]

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8 Reasons Why Fragrance Oils Are Bad for Your Spray Tan

When I was growing up, all those years ago, I remember going into the shopping malls and walking through the beauty section with all the free sprays and sample perfumes and colognes. The next day, after sampling the various fragrances on my neck and the back of my hands, my skin would be irritated and red. For years I never attributed that to the fragrances I put on my skin the day before. I blamed it on the wool lining […]

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How to Remove a Spray Tan

I hope, for your sake, that you are only reading this article due to curiosity.   If you’re reading this article because you desperately need to learn how to remove your spray tan then you have my sympathy, but luckily I can help! How does a spray tan actually tan my skin?   Much like a bad date that won’t take a hint, a terrible spray tan can linger for days. This is due to the active tanning agent in […]

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Spray Tan Before and After Care

There is an epidemic spreading within the spray tan business. It’s the leading cause of streaks, runs, cracked tans, fast fades, “lizard skin”, post-shower let down. It’s also the main reason why you might have to keep giving out free spray tans to keep your clients happy. Making sure your clients are taking care of their skin is important; making sure your clients are taking care of their skin before and after they get a spray tan is absolutely crucial. […]

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What Does a PH Balancer Do? How Can Using a PH Balancer Affect my Skin? Are PH Balancers Safe?

I know, right? I’ve been trying to figure this out too. I’ve looked up information on several websites, but all I’ve found is stuff like, “It magically makes your tan better” or “apply this before your spray tan for great results”, but it never goes into why or how. To go into what a PH Balancer does, you have to first learn about your skin. There is a layer of your skin called the “Acid Mantle”, which is basically a […]

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Why Does my Skin Look Bad in the Winter?

I don’t know about you, but when I think about the oncoming winter I think about my skin drying out from the wind and the cold. I think about how terrible my skin looks at the supermarket, at restaurants, and at work. So I started wondering: why does my skin look so bad in the winter? The answer surprised me. At first, I thought that my skin looked so bad because it had dried out. Moisturizers are great at keeping […]

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Summer Skin Care

The sun can do a number on your skin, and caring for it becomes even more important: Read up on proper skin care, and some great products to sell during the summer months! In the winter, everybody and their mother focuses on protecting their skin with moisturizers and exfoliants, body scrubs and special treatments at the spa. In the summer, many of us don’t even think twice about it: our skin only needs the extra love in the winter, right? […]

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How long do spray tans last?

How long do spray tans last? 5 to 15 days. Pretty easy, right? Now comes the tricky part: how to get your tan to last out to that 15 day mark instead of just lasting 5. For that, I have good news and bad news: The bad news is that, chances are, you’re the one preventing your tan from lasting 15 days. The good news? I’m the one who’s going to help you change all that. You can thank me […]

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