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Topic: Extraction Fan and Equipment Reviews

Hurricane Spray Tan Extraction Unit

The Hurricane Spray Tan Extraction Unit is a great extraction fan for mobile spray tan businesses and salons. It is compact, lightweight, and doesn’t cost a small fortune. Also, the filters are washable and re-usable, and the unit as a whole is still considerably better than the box fan alternatives you can find. The only downside we found from the Hurricane is that it could not keep up if your spray tan business has really high traffic–so if you are expecting […]

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Vortex Extraction Fan

They Vortex Extraction Fan is unparalleled when it comes to purifying the air during a spray tanning service. The fan’s purifying and extraction capabilities are, at least, double every other system we’ve tested! This is a high end extraction unit for high end salons and spas: it is not a box fan with a thin, cheap filter on it. The Vortex’s filters, speaking of, are washable and re-usable. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the Vortex Extraction Fan!

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