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Topic: Tier Three: High Volume Machines

4100 miniTAN™ T-PRO by Fuji Spray Tan

The 4100 miniTAN™ T-PRO by Fuji Spray Tan suffers from two major design flaws. While it does have the incredibly durable, reliable Fuji Spray Tan turbine (which we adore!), it unfortunately lacks many of the things required in a real-life spray tan business. Much like the 2100 miniTan machine, the 4100 is a hybrid between a salon machine and a mobile spray tan business system. Rather than trying to accomplish both, we find that a machine specializing in one or the […]

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2100 miniTAN™ M-Model by Fuji Spray Tan

The 2100 miniTAN™ M-Model by Fuji Spray Tan is another interesting design by the always inventive Fuji Spray company. Sold under a Mini-Turbine category, it is one of the few of its kind that combines a compact size with an impressive spray capacity. We were a bit skeptical at first that the turbine would perform as well as its larger cousins, but the quality tests don’t lie! The 2100 performed just as admirably as any of the Fuji spray tan turbines […]

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4150 salonTAN™ T-PRO by Fuji Spray Tan

The 4150 salonTAN™ T-PRO by Fuji Spray Tan is an interesting concept that, unfortunately, just doesn’t work for us. While the HVLP turbine itself is incredibly reliable (we would expect nothing less from Fuji!), the actual design is where we found the biggest flaws with this machine. The idea of a small, bottom feed cup is on paper a very good one, but in reality it leaves a lot to be desired. While the cup does ensure near zero waste […]

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2150 salonTAN™ M-Model by Fuji Spray Tan

The 2150 salonTAN™ M-Model by Fuji Spray Tan was a very impressive HVLP machine to test. Fuji Spray Tan machines are renowned for their durability and consistency, so it was no real surprise to see this spray tan machine easily meeting our quality standards and passing our rigorous stress tests. We were delighted by the decibel level, a shockingly low 56 decibels (lower than normal conversation!), and happy to note that the two-stage turbine kept the machine running cool and steady, […]

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Eco-2 Mighty Mist by Apollo Sprayers, Inc.

Tanning Equipment

The Eco-2 Mighty Mist by Apollo exceeded our stress and quality tests for a tier three spray tan machine by such a large margin that we actually created a new series of tests just to see how far we could push the turbine. No other HVLP spray tan machine even came close to the quality of the Eco-2 Mighty Mist. The machine as a whole is incredibly reliable–it ran perfectly even after we left it on for days on end! […]

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