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Learn to Spray Tan

At the World's First Spray Tan Academy!

Online Spray Tan Certification Training

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Hands-on Spray Tan Certification Training

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At our business-building Spray Tan Certification Class, you’ll learn first-hand what puts Aviva Academy above and beyond all other training programs. With over a decade of experience training ambitious individuals, we continue to optimize the overall roadmap to help you achieve massive success.

 What will you learn?

  • The science behind everything spray tanning in an easy to digest presentation
  • How to choose the essential equipment and products for you, and the correct products to use on each unique client
  • How to grow your customer base from scratch, or expand an existing client base
  • How to market your business like a professional
  • How to effectively price your products and services
  • How to differentiate your business and “Wow!” your customers
  • The nearly-perfected spraying techniques that we have developed for 18 years
  • Much, much more including live Q and A with a Master Artist to put your concerns to rest

Your success is our success, so here’s even more that you will receive:

  • 1 sunless 101 workbook
  • Retail gift set of products
  • Spray Tan Certification signed by the owner himself
  • A thorough online spray tan training program
  • Cheat sheets of techniques for continued reference
  • Business building guidelines to follow
  • Videos on techniques and equipment maintenance
  • All the essential documents, consultation forms, and waivers for your clients
  • Email templates for clients booking appointments
  • Incredible member-only discounts on premium products and equipment
  • Unlimited support for absolutely anything spray tan related via phone call, email, live chat and text!