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Looking to Start a Spray Tanning Business?

We don’t just teach you how to spray,
we teach you
how to start & run a successful business.

We’re so sure you’ll love it
that we offer the industry’s only
100% money-back, risk-free guarantee.


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On-Site Spray Tan Certification Classes

We host classes all across the country.

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What is Taught in The Class?

  • The proven step by step roadmap to start a spray tan business
  • How much it costs to start
  • The equipment that is essential to your business
  • How to start mobile/part-time
  • How to effectively price your services and products

  • How to get your first clients
  • How to provide amazing service and turn customers into walking, talking marketing machines!
  • How to wield the power of social media
  • How to exponentially grow your customer base over time
  • How to keep clients for the long term

Hands-on Spraying Class
  • YES! We bring professional equipment to class to practice together!
  • Learn directly with our most experienced Master Artists
  • Discover our flawless spray technique to help you confidently spray ANY client
  • Practice live in an amazing environment with other excited students!
  • Build your confidence!

Read some of the LOVE for the Aviva Certification Class

“I’m already doing almost since 20 spray tans per week since finishing your Sunless 101 class a few weeks ago. The teachers are fabulous. Visual techniques are awesome! Great learning tools and the course was extremely helpful. Thank you!”

-Leah, St. Paul, MN


“I don’t think my business would be where it is today without the quality of the Aviva products & training and all the wonderful marketing information & suggestions the Aviva staff has provided. My spray technicians went through training before with a lady who runs a spray tanning business and now teaches classes, but the spray method and spray gun setting they learned from her left clients with an uneven tan. I know my Tanning Consultants are now way more confident because they know they are now experts in their field and our services are of the highest quality. After completing your training and adjusting to their methods to the Aviva-Way all our tans are now even and natural. Our company is strictly an Aviva company.”

-Patti, Crystal Springs, MS


“The training I received has been passed down to my clients and they feel they are receiving the best product and application every time. I recommend the Aviva training class to anyone who wants to start a sunless tanning business. Great product–great people–great business!”

-Christa, Freeman, SD


“My spray tanning clients have complimented me on my service, saying it is not streaky and they love the color. I feel it is because of the training and product. I refer to it a lot.”

-Stephanie, Richmond, UT


“I was initially spray tanning clients the wrong way…spraying up and down in a heavy mist. Now I get it! And feel so much more confident! Thank you.”

-Maria, Middle Village, NY


“What great training and advice on growing my spray tanning business! Plus, Aviva customer service has been impeccable!…So knowledgeable, and this has given me a serious advantage against the other salons in my neighborhood.”

-Melissa, Tucson, AZ


We had an outstanding first 12 months in the salon, completing over 3,500 spray tans for the year, with a record week… of 223 spray tans!! We constantly receive positive feedback from our clients as they themselves can’t believe just how natural their AVIVA LABS tan looks. Our clients absolutely love the product – they just love the fact that they can have a spray tan and go straight out for lunch!!”

-Jess, Perth, Western Australia


“I thought that the Sunless Tanning 101 was great. I had so many “Ah Ha” moments that have only helped me and my business. The one that sticks out the most is the amount of product I should be using and the solutions to use for specific skin tones!”

-Rebecca, Chicago, IL


“I previously bought a hands-on class from a lady in Florida who claimed to be a celebrity spray tanner and now runs training in Florida. The technique I learned was very hard and did NOT give consistent results. It left clients dripping with solution and they had to stand in front of a fan for more than 10 minutes just for the solution to dry. Then, because this lady does spray tans as her primary business, she was hardly ever available for my questions after the training. It was so nice to find Aviva and be able to rely on a TEAM OF EXPERTS instead of ONE PERSON in Florida.”

-Diane, Tallahassee, FL


“It’s refreshing to learn an easy and proper way to spray tan clients. I learned how far to stand from the client, body positioning…I loved the course. Thank you for helping me make more money at the salon!”

-Jodi, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


“The training has given me the confidence and knowledge I need to answer any questions a client or potential client may have about the solutions and pre and post tanning care. I am grateful for the experience I had at the classes with Aviva Labs and feel that I have a leg up on the competition because of it.”

-Jess, Nashua, NH


“The hands-on demonstration was so helpful. I’m definitely a visual learner and benefited from having the one-on-one training to show me how to do the spray tan.”

-Stephanie, Plainville, CT


I’m Interested

Get the One-on-one Business Consultation That You Deserve

At any of our spray tan training academy courses, you will also discover the best tips, insider tricks, and marketing information that your business will need in order to thrive. Veterans and newcomers alike are both encouraged to attend. Take full advantage of the newest business practices and marketing theory, created by our collaboration of master estheticians, successful salon professionals, and business entrepreneurs.

At our on-site training, you’ll also be taught live by our team so that you can experience the spray tan techniques we’ve founded and perfected, which have helped thousands achieve their full potential.


Meet Your Sunless Certification Trainers

Aviva is so much more than spray tan solution. We are trainers, we are consultants, we are business-builders, and we’re here for you every step of the way.


National Business Director

Aviva Labs


Founder & CEO

Aviva Labs


Master Trainer

Aviva Labs


Master Trainer

Aviva Labs


Master Trainer

Aviva Labs


Master Trainer

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Master Trainer

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Master Trainer

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Master Trainer

Aviva Labs

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you might still have questions, and don’t worry: you’re not alone. Check out these frequently asked questions about Aviva Labs Sunless 101 Spray Tan Certification Training. If you still have questions or would just prefer to talk to one of the Aviva Team, please call us at (781) 209-1551.

  • live_help

    What do I need to bring?

    We think you’ll agree that hands-on training is the best kind of experience, and it’s critical that you understand the entire spray tanning experience from both the business operator’s point of view and your future clients. Therefore, you’ll want to both spray others and get sprayed at the class. So please bring a bathing suit, tank top or other sleeveless/strapped blouse that you can change into, in which you would feel comfortable receiving spray tan. Our hands-on portion is conducted only by one of our female Master Trainers.

    Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to undress in front of the class—we have private changing areas! Also, we use our “training wheels” bronzer-only solution for the training class, so it will wash right off at the end of class. Many students even choose wash & spray multiple times.

    Besides that, we provide the rest: Workbooks, pens/notepads, machines, equipment, practice solution, and world-renowned know-how!

  • live_help

    How long is the spray tanning class?

    Our spray tan training classes are full, one day courses, starting at 9AM and only ending when you are completely satisfied (usually around 3-4PM).

  • live_help

    Am I going to be able to practice spray tanning on a live model?

    Yes. Normally, we pair you up with someone in the class, so you will act as both the client receiving the service and the business owner providing the service. Using this technique, you will have the most immersive training experience possible. Of course, if you are attending class with someone then you can simply pair up with them.

    You can also bring a spray tan model to practice on if you wish. They are more than welcome to join you at 12:30PM during the hands-on portion of the training. Unfortunately, your model can not attend the class unless they also have booked a seat for the class.

  • live_help

    Can I purchase a starter kit, or order some spray tan solutions, on the day of training?

    You sure can! We offer amazing deals to anyone who attends our training.

    Don’t buy ANYTHING before coming to the class. Don’t make a costly & frustrating mistake of buying some cheap equipment online before you know what you really need–you might just be wasting your money! There are so many confusing equipment options out there, but we spend part of the class breaking it down into really simple answers. By the end of the course, you’ll walk away with an independent viewpoint so you know the BEST equipment for your needs.

  • live_help

    What do I need for a successful Spray Tan Business?

    There are dozens of spray tan training’s out there. The hardest decision isn’t in finding a date you can attend the training class or in finding a spray tan company that has a good reputation. The hardest decision is in finding the right training.

    Moderately successful spray tan businesses can expect to achieve anywhere between 5-15 spray tans a week. Truly successful spray tan businesses attain 50, 70, and even 100 spray tans a week (a difference of $2,975 in profit!). The difference? Training.

    To be this successful, you will be told that what you need is the best equipment, the best machine, the best spray tan solution (of course), a great attitude, and a desire to see your business succeed.

    And that’s all you need, right? Wrong.

    • What do you do to prevent your business from slowing down in the winter?
    • How do you compete with the new salon that just moved in half a block away?
    • Will you know the answer when a client comes to you with a specific question?
    • Will your top of the line machine answer that question for you? Of course not.
    • How will your “desire to succeed” bring customers through your door in November? It won’t.

    The unfortunate truth is that there is a lot of pseudo-training out there: training that sounds great and looks great, but is actually just an over-glorified sales pitch rather than a business building seminar. The worst thing that can happen for your business’s success is that you leave a training without having the answers you need.

    True success-driven spray tan training:

    • Focuses on building your business rather than making a sale
    • Offers hands-on technique training on live models rather than a hands-off demonstration or practicing on towels (unless, of course, you are going to be spray tanning towels for a living)
    • Is part one-on-one consultation, part business marketing seminar, part open discussion
    • Is taught by the most knowledgeable experts in the field, using tried-and-true methods

    So what will work best for you? For some, our on-site Sunless 101 Spray Tan Training course is the best option. For others, it’s our Sunless 101 Online Training, or our free training options. What is most important, though, is that you get the training that you need for your business.

  • live_help

    What equipment do I need for my Spray Tan business?

    The answer to that question really depends on your answer to this question: What type of business are you looking to start? Are you working in a Spa or Salon, are you striking out on your own with a mobile business or starting from your home before branching out? How you answer will greatly affect your equipment choice.

    Spas and high-end salons are most likely going to want to go with a Photoshoot-style Spray Tan Backdrop and a quiet machine to ensure their clients have a relaxing, pleasant visit. If a quiet machine is what you’re looking for, then we recommend the Eco-2 Mighty Mist, one of the most silent machines on the market, and geared towards huge volume locations thanks to its dual-turbine engineering.

    Multi-function salons (Think: hair/nails/brows) and mobile businesses who might also moonlight in a salon or other location normally choose to go with the Photoshoot-style Spray Tan Backdrop and a strong, professional machine like the Mobile Mist, which combines versatility, performance, and ease-of-use within a sleek, portable case.

    Mobile-only businesses usually choose to begin with a more conservative approach, opting to start with a Popup Spray Tan Tent and a T100X Mini-Mist spray tan machine for its rugged durability, super reliability, and compact design.

    Really though, the choice is yours to make. You will have every opportunity to try out these spray tan machines on the day of training, but if you have some questions before your class date please call us at (781) 209-1551.

  • live_help

    How do I start a Mobile Spray Tanning business?

    A Mobile Spray Tanning Business gives you the chance to be your own boss. With a Mobile Spray Tan Business, you have the freedom to work when you want, where you want. As a mobile spray tan business owner, you don’t have to dig too deep into your budget to get started: but that doesn’t mean you should get the cheapest stuff out there either! The difference between running a successful mobile spray tan business and only managing to keep your head above water is the quality of your equipment, your solutions, and your training.

    We’ve done the research for you. At Aviva Labs, we’ve tested thousands of formulas and thousands of machines so you know you’ll be getting the very best in both. We’re also constantly perfecting our Sunless 101 Spray Tan Certification Training by interviewing and working with our most successful businesses in each field (Spa, Salon, Mobile) to ensure you have the most up to date, most accurate training in the world. You will hear from the experts on how best to start your business, and the secrets they used in making their businesses making money fast.

  • live_help

    What is a Day at Aviva Academy Like?

    When you arrive at an Aviva Labs Sunless 101 spray tan training class, the first thing you’ll notice is how comfortable you feel. In our academy we’ve created an atmosphere where ideas are shared, knowledge is exchanged and you get the real hands-on tools you need to transform your business dreams into reality. Learning comes much easier in a relaxed and fun environment.

    So get ready to laugh and have a great time!

    Remember to grab some coffee before meeting us at 9AM sharp as we jump right into your day at Aviva Labs Academy. As you have your morning java, you’ll also have a meet-and-greet with our Education Team and the rest of your fellow trainees. This time is great for having mini-consultation sessions with our team so that you can share your business dreams and desires and we can start helping you with your spray tan future. Our Education Team is your first contact into the world of spray tanning, so feel free to challenge them with some hard questions!

    Coffee drank and ready to go, we’ll move right into our business-building seminar. Don’t worry about bringing a pen and paper, we’ve got you covered, and you’ll definitely be needing them because you’ll want to take notes: the business-building seminar is overflowing with amazing tips and insider tricks from some of our most successful business owners, and chock full of new techniques and practices from our business consultants and marketing gurus. Simply put, you have the full expertise of Aviva Labs, the creators of the World’s First Spray Tan Training Academy. And don’t worry: even after your training has ended, we will still help you every step of the way, whenever you need advice!

    Moving forward, we will take a much needed break for lunch. You can just relax in your free time, of course, but don’t be afraid to chat with us over a lunch wrap or salad from the hotel diner.

    The rest of the day is all about perfecting your hands-on technique. First things first though, you need to know what a flawless spray tan technique looks like. We’ll start off with a live demonstration from our spray tan professional, who will explain what she is doing and why while showing you the proper form and flow needed for a perfect spray tan. Then it’s your turn: you’ll have hours of hands-on spray tanning experience with guidance from our most skilled professionals in the business, ensuring that you will be producing flawless results by the end of the day!

    After completion of the course, you will receive a certificate signed by Aviva Labs’ President stating that you have successfully studied and trained as an Aviva Labs spray tan professional consultant. But we don’t just kick you out: if you have questions, want to discuss products or packages, or just need to take another look at one of our machines then we will stay as late as you need.