Choosing between a popup tent and a spray tan backdrop

This question is less about what’s better and more about what makes more sense for you and your business.
A spray tan tent provides more mobility, but makes sacrifices in both professionalism and the ease of the spray tan service.
The backdrop is a bit more expensive and takes longer to set up, but makes up for that by providing much better lighting and being much easier to clean.
In the end, the choice is yours, and both are great options. Use the list below to help make the most informed decision possible, and feel free to call Aviva if you have some questions about either piece of equipment.


Easy Setup and TakedownVery Lightweight
Machine Washable Cloth: Easy to CleanCompletely Enclosed: Minimizes Overspray
Adjustable Height and WidthLess Expensive than Backdrop
Allows for Maximum LightingEasy to Store


Requires More Space to UseCan be Difficult to Take Down
More Expensive than TentPoor Lighting/Creates Shadows
Must Assemble to UseTime Consuming to Clean
Less Privacy than TentLess Professional than Backdrop

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