Difference Between a Rapid Tan and a Traditional Tan

Rapid tans work by decreasing the contact time DHA requires for it to activate and begin to darken your skin into a tan. This is done through a closely guarded acceleration process, where the solution ingredients are specifically formulated to create this faster release. Rapid tans provide the same lasting tan as expected from a traditional tan, but with the added convenience of being able to be rinsed off hours earlier. Rather than having to wait 8, 12, or more hours, clients are instead able to rinse off in as little as 30 minutes!
Unlike traditional tans, rapid tans do not come in “percentage strengths”; instead, rapid tans have time requirements that dictate how long a client must wait before rinsing the solution off. Because your skin still requires the full 8-12 hours to fully darken from the reaction, rinsing off will give the appearance of rinsing away the tan as the bronzers (the temporary color) go down the drain, but don’t worry: the color will be back!

Will my client’s rapid tan really last as long as a traditional tan?

Answer: Yes. A rapid tan will just just as long as any traditional tan, providing your client follows your guidelines!

My client washed off and her tan disappeared, what happened?

Answer: What most likely happened is that she has simply washed off the bronzer. Remember: DHA will still require the full 8-12 hours to develop into the lasting tan. A rapid tan means that she can wash the tan off because the development process was activated more rapidly; it does not mean that they will tan more rapidly. Make sure to share this information with your client BEFORE they rinse off so that they will know what to expect.

My client knows that her tan will develop over the next few hours but doesn’t feel that she got much of a tan, what happened?

Answer: This sometimes occurs with clients who were sprayed in the nude and don’t have a tanline to compare with how much paler they were to start with before their spray tan. Our minds won’t register the gradual increase of color and we will simply think “I was always this dark”. If possible, try to provide a cute tantu sticker for your client to use on their thigh or other area so that they can see the true difference–they will be amazed!

Can my client actually get wet, or is that just a gimmick?

Answer: Once your client washes off on their initial rinse then they are free to excersize, go for a swim, get doggie kisses, or go singing in the rain. It’s important to remind them to only wash off with water though–no soap or shampoo!

What if my client forgets to shower off? Will she be fluorescent orange?

Answer: If your client forgets or didn’t have time to shower then they will be darker than they originally intended. Rapid tans tend to be more forgiving than traditional percentage-based tans and the darkness level works more like a sliderule: a little longer and they’ll be a little darker, a little less and they’ll be a little lighter. It’s still a good idea to try to get them to stick to the timeline you provide though.

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