How To Set a Spray Tan Gun for Best Results

Spray Tanning with a gun set too high or too low can produce less than desirable results, and having your gun set to spray with the wrong spray pattern can quickly turn your service from a dream to a nightmare. After following these simple instructions, your spray gun will be set to our recommendations for achieving the best spray tan results possible.

Adjusting the Air Flow of your HVLP Spray Gun

Each gun has a different trigger sensitivity, but the following method works for every spray gun we sell:

  1. With the gun disconnected from the HVLP machine, and with no cup of spray tan solution in the gun, turn the air flow control knob clockwise until it is completely closed.
  2. Now mark 12 o’clock on your air flow control knob with a marker, pen, or sticker.
  3. Begin opening the air flow control knob, turning counter-clockwise now, stopping when you complete one and a half rotations. Your mark/sticker should end up in roughly the 6 o’clock position.
  4. Looking at the nozzle of the spray gun where the needle protrudes, gently pull on the trigger.
    • If the needle detracts slightly into the nozzle then you are now all set to spray tan!
    • If the needle does not detract, open the air flow control knob a further quarter turn (your mark/sticker will then be at roughly the 3 o’clock position) and repeat as needed until the needle slightly detracts into the nozzle.

 Adjusting the Spray Pattern of your HVLP Spray Gun

While some spray tan techniques do require a different pattern, for 99% of your services you will want your gun spraying in the pattern 1 position shown below. The pattern 1 position is the easiest spray pattern to master, and it produces the most realistic results!
Note that the metal tines in pattern 1 are to either side of the nozzle rather than above and below the nozzle (as in pattern 2). With the tines in the pattern 1 position, you will achieve a vertical spray pattern, as depicted by the tan oval.
Spray Tan Pattern

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