What Are Spray Tan Bronzers?

Bronzer is the ingredient that provides that instant tan look to a client before the DHA in the solution has a chance to begin actually tanning their skin. There can be a lot of misunderstanding about bronzers; here are a few of the most common questions we’ve encountered:

What is a spray tan bronzer made out of?

Bronzer is typically made from either cosmetic or food grade dyes. Food grade dyes provide a better, more individually tailored color over the usually premixed color blends that a cosmetic dye offers.
The problem with using premixed dyes is that they are not specifically made for tanning solutions so they often don’t look natural. At Aviva Labs, we mix our own dyes in-house so that we can personalize each product and guarantee natural-looking, flawless tans.

How long will a bronzer stay on for?

A bronzer lasts only until it is washed off in the shower. When spraying your clients you should always let them know that the bronzer will wash off when they take their initial rinse, that way they don’t have a heart attack when they see some color washing down their drain! Always remember to reassure them that it’s not their tan that’s disappearing, just the bronzer.

Is there bronzer in a spray tan solution?

Yes there is. In addition to providing that instantly-tanned look during a spray tanning session, the bronzer works as a “coloring guide” on the client’s skin: if the bronzer looks good, then the tan should look good once the DHA takes effect. Having bronzer included in a spray tan solution helps prevent you from spraying too much or too little product on any one part of the body, and if the client wants their tan darker they will know before even leaving your salon. This promises more satisfied customers, more referrals, and more return business.
Remember that Aviva Labs offers both bronzer-only solutions for competitions and a bronzer-free solution line for those who want it.

Will a bronzer stain?

A bronzer will only stain if the solution it is in was formulated with oils and/or Aloe Vera. This is just one of the many reasons we do not have oil in our spray tan solutions!
We do still recommend that you wear loose-fitting, darker clothes after your spray session to minimize any temporary bronzer rub-off, but even this is very rare when using Aviva Labs spray tanning solutions and Vogue Magazine even nicknamed Aviva Labs “The Bedsheet Saver”!

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