Honolulu Rapid Tan (1 Liter)

Dive into decadence with 30 Minutes to Honolulu. Treat yourself to the pleasant, fresh feel of an Aviva Labs spray tan and see your confidence rejuvenated by the dark, sumptuous chocolate tones of this tropically-inspired fan favorite. Leave it on longer for bold and daring, or shower quicker for light and flirtatious. No matter which way your desire lies you will always look and feel divine.

Color: Double chocolate brown

Benefits: Wash off sooner! Oil-free (No sticky or tacky spray tan feeling!), Alcohol-free (Won’t dry out your skin!), Fragrance-Free (No stinky “cover up” smell), Dries in seconds, Fades evenly

Set Time: 30 minutes to 3+ hours (depends on skin type)

Shelf Life: 6-Month Guarantee, can last up to one year

Who it’s for: Honolulu is one of our most versatile solutions. Anyone can use it, and everyone loves it! Just be sure to match up your wash-off time with your skin type!

I have a fair skinned client who usually uses Original, will Honolulu be too dark?

The great thing about Honolulu is that everyone can use it! If you have a fair skinned client and you’re worried about them going too dark just remember: if they leave it on for a bit less time than they are supposed to for their skin type then they will have a lighter tan. That being said, Honolulu will still produce a rich brown tan, so if they are looking for a color similar to Original then we suggest trying Miami on for size!

Tips from the Team: “If you or your client are worried about going too dark with Honolulu then do a spot test! Before they get a full Honolulu spray tan, simply give a test patch somewhere that will not be visible throughout day-to-day life. This way both you and your client can see how the color will develop for their skin type.”

I’m a fitness competitor, can I use Honolulu as a competition color?

Yes you can! When left on long enough, Honolulu produces a great chocolate base color that helps accentuate and define all of the hard work that fitness competitors endure. It can be used as your stand alone color for the event or can be paired up with Atlas Competition Bronzer to make an even more significant impact. All Aviva Labs solutions are designed to look great in both natural and manufactured lighting, so you can rest easy knowing all of your hard work is going to look perfectly sculpted whether you are on an indoor stage or competing outside!

If your fitness competition is on the upcoming saturday, we suggest getting sprayed on thursday, returning on friday for any touch-ups that are needed, and then getting your Atlas Competition Bronzer applied either the night or morning of the competition.

My City Tan disappeared with my first rinse off–is my tan gone?

No, your tan is not gone. DHA (the active tanning ingredient in our spray tan solutions) requires between eight to twelve hours to fully develop into your final tan; City Tans simply allow you to wash off the solution faster. So while you washed off the visible bronzer, your tan will continue to develop as the day goes by, but will be unharmed by rain, swimming, and exercise! So don’t be worried when you rinse off in the shower and see the bronzer color go down the drain–your tan will gradually deepen into a beautiful, flawless tan over the course of the next several hours!

Additional information

Weight 2.8 lbs
Dimensions 3.4 × 3.4 × 8.5 in