MMP14 – Mini-Mist Dip Tube and Disc

The Mobile Mist is the perfect combination of mobility and professionalism. Built into a compact, durable luggage case, and designed with a detachable storage trunk, the Mobile Mist was ranked the highest by both our mobile customers and our salon professionals! Engineered with a salon-quiet, high efficiency motor that outperforms all other machines of its class, it also features a built in cooling fan and turbine speed control system to allow for customization and a personal touch to each tan.

Weight: 27 pounds

Color: Silver

Noise Level: 62 Decibels

Type: HVLP

Warranties: 18 Months, “Till The End of Time”™ Service Warranty

Manufacturer: Apollo Sprayers, Inc.

Additional features: Quick connect couplings for ease of use. 10’ flexible hose. T6000 Spray Tan precision control applicator. Built in cooling fan. Turbine speed control. Telescoping handle. Detachable storage trunk. Durable luggage-style wheels. Washable filter to prolong machine life.,  Zero Downtime™ Loaner Program.

Tips from the Team: “Even though a Mobile Mist is a bigger investment than a T100X Mini Mist, it’s also a much bigger pay off. Instead of lugging around a machine, hose, gun, solutions, skincare, and a tent or backdrop, now you can simply carry in the Mobile Mist and your tent or backdrop. Not only does this make you look more professional and creates a more pleasant experience for your customer, it also is a lot less stress on you!” -Brian Petersen, National Business Director.

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Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions3 × 1 × 3 in