Winter Glow (4oz Sample)

There is beauty, and then there is Elegance. Explore the difference with nuances of mahogany, merlot, hickory and a breath of gold. Illuminate yourself in a gentle glow, ensuring you appear younger, healthier. Soft as velvet, light as air, you’ll feel the Aviva Difference the moment you try it on. You won’t have the darkest tan, but true elegance is subtle, and true beauty is confident.

Color: Light cherry-brown with gentle golden undertones

Benefits: Oil-free (No sticky or tacky spray tan feeling!), Alcohol-free (Won’t dry out your skin!), Fragrance-Free (No stinky “cover up” smell), Dries in seconds, Fades evenly

Set Time: 8-12 Hours

Shelf Life: 6-Month Guarantee, can last up to one year

Who it’s for: Winter Glow was originally formulated to give a gentle color in the winter to help even out skin tones. Since then Winter Glow has become a favorite among brides, older clients, first time tanners, and anyone who wants to look healthier without having a visible spray tan.

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Will Winter Glow stain my wedding dress?

We are happy to tell you that Winter Glow will not stain your wedding dress. For that matter, neither will any other Aviva Labs spray tan solution! This is because our solution is made without oil, the very ingredient that causes staining in other spray tan solutions. Because we are oil-free, our solutions will also dry faster (we’re talking seconds here) and feel less sticky and less tacky than our oil-based competitors. Talk about a nice wedding gift!

I’m a first-time spray tanner using Winter Glow, how should I prepare?

The most important thing to remember is: don’t panic. Even if you don’t follow these steps exactly your spray tan will still be good, but if you do follow the steps then your spray tan will be that much better! Follow this simple list and there should be no reason you don’t fall head over heels in love with your spray tan:

1. No barriers: Take a shower as normal but don’t apply any deodorant, moisturizer, lotion, cream, or makeup before your spray tan. Any of these products will block the spray tan from setting to its fullest. If you have an appointment later in the day then be sure to rinse off your deodorant or moisturisers before your appointment.

2. Exfoliate: This is the single most important aspect of your before-appointment regimen. By exfoliating after your shower, you are turning your skin into a clean slate for your spray tan consultant, ensuring you get the best results.

3. What to wear: All Aviva Labs’ spray tan solutions are oil-free, which means they will not stain your clothes, bedsheets, or your couch; however, we do recommend wearing loose clothing so that you don’t rub against your tan. (No tight belts, no skinny jeans, no jeggings, etc.)

I have a client whose wedding is on Saturday. When should I spray tan her with Winter Glow?

Weddings are unique from your average spray tan. We recommend that you invite your bride and her party to get a spray tan a week or two before her wedding so that she can see the color that Winter Glow creates to ensure that it is the color she wants. If she loves the color or doesn’t have time to try out Winter Glow beforehand, we always recommend spray tanning her on Thursday if her wedding is on Saturday. This way she can come in for touch ups on Friday if anything goes wrong/needs to be resprayed.

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