Seattle Spray Tan Training

Spray Tan Certification in Seattle by the World’s First Spray Tan Training Academy!

It’s cloudy six out of seven days; time to bring a little sun to Seattle! Our spray tan courses are designed to give industry veterans a leg-up on the competition while also helping newcomers jumpstart their business. Don’t settle for second best, come learn the flawless techniques that have helped thousands, taught live by our team of spray tan business consultants. Hear the latest marketing tips, created from interviewing our most successful salon owners, and learn the secrets of our master estheticians. No matter which side of Interstate 5 you’re on, be it a salon in Capitol Hill, a spa in South Lake Union, or a mobile business travelling all throughout the Rainy City, Aviva Labs Spray Tan Training Certification Course is the answer. Our training has helped thousands of salons, spas, and mobile users grow each year; learn what we can do for you.

What is taught in the class?



Hands-on Spraying Class

Frequently Asked Questions

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You are not required to receive a spray tan while at our training; however, if you would like to experience what it will feel like for your client, then feel free to bring a bathing suit or other clothing option that you would feel comfortable receiving spray tan in. Besides that, we provide the rest: Workbooks, pens/notepads, machines, equipment, practice solution, and world renowned know-how!

Our Seattle spray tan training class is an all-day, one day course, starting at nine in the morning and only ending when you are completely satisfied.

Yes. Normally, we pair you up with someone in the class, so you will act as both the client receiving the service and the business owner providing the service. Using this technique, you will have the most immersive training experience possible. Of course, if you are attending class with someone then you can simply pair up with them.

You sure can! We offer amazing deals to anyone who attends our training.

There are dozens of spray tan training’s out there. The hardest decision isn’t in finding a date you can attend the training class or in finding a spray tan company that has a good reputation. The hardest decision is in finding the right training.

Moderately successful spray tan businesses can expect to achieve anywhere between 5-15 spray tans a week. Truly successful spray tan businesses attain 50, 70, and even 100 spray tans a week (a difference of $2,975 in profit!). The difference? Training.

To be this successful, you will be told that what you need is the best equipment, the best machine, the best spray tan solution (of course), a great attitude, and a desire to see your business succeed.

And that’s all you need, right? Wrong.

  • What do you do to prevent your business from slowing down in the winter?
  • How do you compete with the new salon that just moved in half a block away?
  • Will you know the answer when a client comes to you with a specific question?
  • Will your top of the line machine answer that question for you? Of course not.
  • How will your “desire to succeed” bring customers through your door in November? It won’t.

The unfortunate truth is that there is a lot of pseudo-training out there: training that sounds great and looks great, but is actually just an over-glorified sales pitch rather than a business building seminar. The worst thing that can happen for your business’s success is that you leave a training without having the answers you need.

True success-driven spray tan training:

  • Focuses on building your business rather than making a sale
  • Offers hands-on technique training on live models rather than a hands-off demonstration or practicing on towels (unless, of course, you are going to be spray tanning towels for a living)
  • Is part one-on-one consultation, part business marketing seminar, part open discussion
  • Is taught by the most knowledgeable experts in the field, using tried-and-true methods

So what will work best for you? For some, our on-site Sunless 101 Spray Tan Training course is the best option. For others, it’s our Sunless 101 Online Training, or our free training options. What is most important, though, is that you get the training that you need for your business.

The answer to that question really depends on your answer to this question: What type of business are you looking to start? Are you working in a Spa or Salon, are you striking out on your own with a mobile business or starting from your home before branching out? How you answer will greatly affect your equipment choice.

Spas and high-end salons are most likely going to want to go with a Photoshoot-style Spray Tan Backdrop and a quiet machine to ensure their clients have a relaxing, pleasant visit. If a quiet machine is what you’re looking for, then we recommend the Eco-2 Mighty Mist, one of the most silent machines on the market, and geared towards huge volume locations thanks to its dual-turbine engineering.

Multi-function salons (Think: hair/nails/brows) and mobile businesses who might also moonlight in a salon or other location normally choose to go with the Photoshoot-style Spray Tan Backdrop and a strong, professional machine like the Mobile Mist, which combines versatility, performance, and ease-of-use within a sleek, portable case.

Mobile-only businesses usually choose to begin with a more conservative approach, opting to start with a Popup Spray Tan Tent and a T100X Mini-Mist spray tan machine for its rugged durability, super reliability, and compact design.

Really though, the choice is yours to make. You will have every opportunity to try out these spray tan machines on the day of training, but if you have some questions before your class date please call us at (781) 209-1551.

A Mobile Spray Tanning Business gives you the chance to be your own boss. With a Mobile Spray Tan Business, you have the freedom to work when you want, where you want. As a mobile spray tan business owner, you don’t have to dig too deep into your budget to get started: but that doesn’t mean you should get the cheapest stuff out there either! The difference between running a successful mobile spray tan business and only managing to keep your head above water is the quality of your equipment, your solutions, and your training.

We’ve done the research for you. At Aviva Labs, we’ve tested thousands of formulas and thousands of machines so you know you’ll be getting the very best in both. We’re also constantly perfecting our Sunless 101 Spray Tan Certification Training by interviewing and working with our most successful businesses in each field (Spa, Salon, Mobile) to ensure you have the most up to date, most accurate training in the world. You will hear from the experts on how best to start your business, and the secrets they used in making their businesses making money fast.

When you arrive at an Aviva Labs Sunless 101 spray tan training class, the first thing you’ll notice is how comfortable you feel. In our academy we’ve created an atmosphere where ideas are shared, knowledge is exchanged and you get the real hands-on tools you need to transform your business dreams into reality. Learning comes much easier in a relaxed and fun environment.

So get ready to laugh and have a great time!

Our training isn’t just about learning the perfect technique, it’s also about getting to know you and your individual needs so that we can give you the most helpful consultation possible. That’s why our training events start with a meet-and-greet/mini-consultation session. This is your welcome wagon to Aviva Labs: you’ll meet our Educational Team, briefly discuss your goals and desires, and get set up for the rest of the day. Our Education Team is all about guiding you through the pitfalls to a successful spray tan business, so feel free to ask them anything!

Once the meet-and-greet is over, we’ll move right into our business-building seminar. Whether you are a veteran or are brand new to spray tanning, it’s important that you pay close attention: after all, the strongest buildings are those with the sturdiest foundations! This portion of our training was designed by the top fields in the industry allied with interviews from our most successful salons, spas, and mobile users to ensure you have everything you need for your business. We go over a huge array of topics from the basics like how spray tanning works, what DHA is, and how to determine different percentages, to the more in-depth, like how to earn more word-of-mouth sales, and the insider secrets that helped jump our clients to the A-list of the spray tanning world. Veterans of the industry: you’ll also be learning how to create and maintain an entirely new family of loyal clients. And don’t worry: even after your training has ended, we will still help you every step of the way, whenever you need advice!

Experience is the best teacher. With that in mind, the second half of the class is entirely dedicated to hands-on research. First, you will watch a spray tan demonstration performed by our tanning professional. Then it’s your turn! For the next several hours you’ll be giving spray tans with our Tango practice solution. Now, you won’t be spraying perfectly on your first go-around, but don’t worry: by the end of the class you will have had hours of practice with the most skilled professionals in the business. With our Education Team’s experience, combined with our technique, you will be producing flawless results by the end of the day!

After completion of the course, you will receive a certificate signed by Aviva Labs’ President stating that you have successfully studied and trained as an Aviva Labs spray tan professional consultant. But we don’t just kick you out: if you have questions, want to discuss products or packages, or just need to take another look at one of our machines then we will stay as late as you need.

We are so certain that you’ll love everything you learn at Aviva Labs that we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your training or we will completely refund your money!

What you will learn:

  •         Discover common mistakes and how you can avoid them from the start
  •         Master Aviva’s signature “sun-kissed” technique, which is indistinguishable from a real tan
  •         Find the secrets behind winning clients for life
  •         Gain the understanding needed to guarantee flawless results with every spray tan
  •         Learn how to customize your service for each client’s body and skin type
  •         How to dramatically increase your number of spray tans per week

Meet Your Sunless Certification Trainers

Aviva is so much more than spray tan solution. We are trainers, we are consultants, we are business-builders, and we’re here for you every step of the way

Founder & CEO
Aviva Labs

National Business Director
Aviva Labs

Master Trainer
Aviva Labs

Master Trainer
Aviva Labs

Master Trainer
Aviva Labs

Master Trainer
Aviva Labs


Master Trainer
Aviva Labs

Your business begins and ends with the choices that you make.

From a burgeoning mobile business to a high-end spa, you’ll want to make the most informed decisions possible so that you can provide your clients with an unforgettable experience. You need them to love your spray tan business as much as you do.

That’s where Aviva Labs comes in.

With the longest-running spray tan classes in the world, an unparalleled level of marketing expertise, and the collective knowledge of thousands of master estheticians and spray tan artists, we can help your dream become a reality.

  • Full Spray Tan Certification from The World’s First Spray Tan Academy
  • Get hours of Hands-on Training
  • Sunless 101 Spray Tan Beginners Lecture/Refresher Course
  • Business Building Seminar hosted by our National Business Director
  • Question/Answer Session with Aviva Labs Master Trainer
  • Full Online Access to Aviva Labs Sunless Masters advanced training
  • Spray Tan Certificate signed by President and Founder, Mitch Bloom
  • Worry free: 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

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Seattle Nightlife And Attractions

When we go to Seattle there are three things that we always do: check out the Space Needle, hang out at the Seattle Art Museum, and do some shopping at the Northgate Mall. The Needle is pretty easy to find (It’s that gigantic point thing), so we’ll tell you a bit about the others instead.

Seattle Art Museum (1300 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101 (206-654-3100)

The SAM is one of those places that everyone loves to visit. From the sculpture park to the impressionist paintings, there’s bound to be something there that you’ll enjoy. We love coming here to get our creative juices flowing and to help us think outside the box. Be inspired, find new ideas for your business, or just relax and enjoy the work of some of the world’s greatest artists!

Northgate Mall (401 NE Northgate Way, Seattle, WA 98125-6036 (206-362-4777)

Northgate Mall has over 130 stores for you to find your shopping bliss! Whether you “need” another pair of shoes, or want to pick up some supplies for your salon, Northgate will no doubt have you covered. Sometimes it’s nice just to come in here to go window shopping, and other times we just grab a bite at one of the 12 full-service restaurants, but no matter how many times we go, we always find a reason to return!