Looking to Start Your Own Spray Tanning Business?

Starting a spray tan business is incredibly simple, fun and easy to get started!

To ensure your success, we condese our two decades of knowledge into a 1-day class!  


"We had an outstanding first 12 months in the salon, completing over 3,500 spray tans for the year, with a record week… of 223 spray tans!! We constantly receive positive feedback from our clients as they themselves can’t believe just how natural their AVIVA LABS tan looks. Our clients absolutely love the product – they just love the fact that they can have a spray tan and go straight out for lunch!!"

- Jess Rooney (Salon Owner @ Summaglo) 

Why Spray Tanning?

  • Spray Tanning is a Billion Dollar Industry that Continues to Grow
  • Millions of customers are moving away from Tanning Beds searching for healthier options -> Spray Tanning
  • Lowest cost beauty business to startup, earn back 3X your startup investment within first 3 months
  • Ability to start part-time so you can initially keep the security of a day job
  • Spend your days doing something meaningful, making others feel beautiful, happy and confident!

How do you get started?

  • Getting started in Spray Tanning is very simple and easy, IF 
  • Don't waste months and years of trial and error when you could learn all the right steps to achieve success
  • Did you know that between 50-90% of all startup businesses fail within 5 years? But why?
  • Many business owners get excited to start a business, but they fail to plan for all the "surprises" they don't know about
  • On the other end of the spectrum, the incredibly successful spray tan businesses follow proven steps, a "roadmap", to replicate their success over and over
  • Aviva Labs has spent nearly 2 decades creating the first and most effective Spray Tan 101 training class in the world
  • Join us in class to learn the most effective roadmap to start your journey as a successful business owner!

How Much Can You Really Make? 



"I am thrilled with the results since I began using Aviva Labs Organic Spray Tanning! My clients have been rebooking appointments with me and call me the next day to tell me it is the best spray tan they have ever had. I love that the solution does not smell, it is not sticky (no aloe) and it dries super fast. This is very important since I live in Miami and it’s very hot and humid here. The color results are fantastic and so natural looking. The city tan collection is also super convenient for my clients who are busy. I own a mobile spray tanning business and will continue to use Aviva Labs for my clients and myself. " - Nicole (Miami Glow Tanning, Miami Beach, FL)

What is taught in the class?


  • The proven step by step roadmap to start a spray tan business
  • How much it costs to start
  • The equipment that is essential to your business
  • How to start mobile/part-time
  • How to effectively price your services and products 


  • How to get your first clients
  • How to provide amazing service and turn customers into walking, talking marketing machines!
  • How to wield the power of social media
  • How to exponentially grow your customer base over time
  • How to keep clients for the long term

Hands-on Spraying Class

  • YES! We bring professional equipment to class to practice together!
  • Learn directly with our most experienced Master Artists
  • Discover our flawless spray technique to help you confidently spray ANY client
  • Practice live in an amazing environment with other excited students!
  • Build your confidence!

Your Success is Our Success, So You'll Also Receive:

  • 1 sunless 101 workbook
  • Spray Tan Certification signed by the president himself
  • Online spray tan training program & Business Guidelines
  • Videos (and cheat sheets!) on techniques and equipment maintenance
  • All the essential documents, consultation forms, and waivers for your clients
  • Incredible member-only discounts on premium products and equipment
  • Unlimited support for absolutely anything spray tan related via phone call, email, live chat and text!

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