Easy-Fix Solutions to spray gun problems

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Sorry to hear that you have been having some problems with your spray gun. Don’t worry: we’re here to help! I’ve listed the three most common spray gun problems below, but if you have additional questions please feel free to contact us at 781-209-1551!

My cup is leaking

This most often occurs when the cup is not tightened into the gun properly. The cup is somewhat easy to incorrectly thread and this will result in spray tan solution leaking from the seam between the cup and the spray gun.

To fix: try taking the cup back off, cleaning the threads, and screwing it back in—taking care to check that the threads are aligned properly. (Hint: I would suggest screwing the cup in a little, then unscrewing it half a turn back just to make sure that the threads are aligned. Then repeat this process until the cup is tightened completely.)

The issue might also be that you aren’t tightening the cup enough, so my recommendation is that, if all else fails, tighten the cup to where you THINK it should be tightened to, and then give it a good turn and tighten it some more: that will help the cup press up into the gasket even more and should help create an even tighter seal.

My spray gun is spraying too much solution/there is a lot of overspray

This is happening because your spray gun’s trigger is set to allow too much solution to pass through when the gun is “fired”. What this does is allow the needle at the tip of your gun to pull back too far and thus let more solution shoot out.

To fix: try adjusting how far back the trigger can be pulled. To do this adjust the nob at the back of your spray gun (located just beneath the connection with the air hose) and tighten it until the trigger cannot be pulled at all (Remember: righty tighty, lefty loosey).

With no cup of spray tan solution in the gun, turn the machine on and begin “shooting” air through the spray gun. Note: because the nob has been completely tightened, no air should be able to get through. Begin loosening the nob, all the while still gently pulling the trigger (don’t pull too hard that you have to struggle against yourself to unscrew the nob). As soon as any air begins to shoot out of your gun, stop unscrewing the nob! At this point, your gun should not cause any more over spray.

When I spray, it comes out gunky/not like a fine mist anymore

The easiest way to demonstrate how to fix this is with a direct link: easily clean your gun!

If, for whatever reason, your spray gun still does not seem to be spraying correctly, please contact us at your earliest convenience at 1-781-209-1551 or through our live chat feature on our Aviva Labs homepage!


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