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Topic: Launching Your Business

Spray Tan Before and After Care

Getting flawless spray tan results isn’t just about choosing the right spray tan solution or using the proper technique during the service; it’s also about being prepared for your spray tan service, and knowing what to do afterwards so you don’t sabotage your tan. Getting a spray tan without knowing what to do before and after the service is like trying to prepare a meal without knowing what ingredients you need or who is coming: it’s not guaranteed to ruin […]

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How To Set a Spray Tan Gun for Best Results

Spray Tanning with a gun set too high or too low can produce less than desirable results, and having your gun set to spray with the wrong spray pattern can quickly turn your service from a dream to a nightmare. After following these simple instructions, your spray gun will be set to our recommendations for achieving the best spray tan results possible. Adjusting the Air Flow of your HVLP Spray Gun Each gun has a different trigger sensitivity, but the […]

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