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Planning Your Business

If you’re just starting your spray tan journey then look no further! Our Business Starter section has tons of great tips for those taking their first steps. We discuss the differences between Spray Tan Tents and Backdrops, how much space you’ll need, and how to add spray tanning to your existing salon or spa. No matter what your question is about your new spray tan business, you’ll find the answers here!
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Growing Your Business

The Aviva Artist's Corner is the best place to get the help you need for your existing spray tan business! Need to figure out how to set up and maintain your equipment? Have to troubleshoot a tan with a client? Want to learn some new marketing ideas, or how to sell more retail? The Artist's Corner is the place! Here you'll find topics like "how to spray tan bald men", and "how to increase your sales in the winter", as well as tons of other helpful articles, tips, and tricks to help boost your business!
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Troubleshooting Videos

You've come to Aviva for the best-in-class spray equipment. Now you can self-diagnose any issues you may be experiencing, with the world's largest self-help library for sunless tanning spray equipment.
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Launching Your Business

About to launch your new spray tan business? Check out these great tips on how to make your opening truly Grand! Learn how to set up and maintain your equipment. Discover great membership deals and "frequent spray tanner" discount ideas. Find some great tips on how to make your business stand out from the crowd. The articles in this section also discuss how much to charge for a tan, how to set your spray gun for the best results, and the best before and after care routines. Here you'll also find innovative ways to spread the word about your new business--be sure to read those!
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Machine and Equipment Reviews

If you’re still up in the air about which machine to get, then you’re in luck! Our Equipment Reviews section will help guide you through the hundreds of spray tan machines out there on the market, detailing the pros and cons of each, and sharing crucial data about what we’ve found through our rigorous in-house quality tests. We pride ourselves in providing honest, unbiased answers to the questions you need answered.
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Understanding Spray Tanning

Brand new to spray tanning? Learn the basics of the industry here with articles covering what DHA is and how it works, what bronzers are, and the difference between Rapid and Traditional solutions. Other articles cover a wide variety of topics, like why solutions turn green, why people turn orange, and how to avoid each!
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