How to Make the Most of Your Prom Season

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Making the most of your prom spray tan season doesn’t have to mean booking so many appointments that you can’t remember what sleep feels like, though that is a part of prom spray tan season! It can also be about getting the most out of each spray tan session–this is your opportunity to win a new client, and possibly as many as two or three, just with one client initially wanting the service! So how do you work this magic? The answer is deceptively simple: ask questions, and offer deals.

Now we all know the questions to ask for the service itself–Have you ever spray tanned before? Did you exfoliate? Do you burn in the sun/tan easily?–and those are all important to ensure that you are giving the best service possible. But there is a whole host of other questions you could, and should, be asking your Prom Appointee too!

  1. How did you hear about me?



This is always important information, especially if you have an existing referral program (which you should!), but it’s a good way to gauge where your target audience is finding you. Do you have a paid campaign going on through Facebook or Google Adwords, did you drop a few business cards at the local Tux/Dress rental shop, did you put up some posters or go to a few events and hand out information about your service?

It’s critical that you know where you are being found, and where you are not, that way you can adjust your marketing as needed–and so you know to stop paying for those things that aren’t bringing in any business!

This can also be a good indicator of how well your Word-Of-Mouth business is doing. If you are giving stellar spray tans with an unforgettable service then a good portion of your prom signups should be from referrals, especially if this isn’t your first prom season!

If you aren’t seeing that many clients coming in from referrals then you might want to rethink what you are currently doing or offering with your service–maybe the spray tan is great, but the room’s atmosphere is less than spectacular. If you have someone doing the spray tan service for you, make sure they are personable and friendly, and above all professional. If they are not each of these things, then your referral business will drop like a brick.  

2. Are any of your friends going to prom?



Unless you live in the town where Footloose was based, this will undoubtedly be a “yes”. This question can be posed either before your client ever comes in, or during the service itself. Either way, it opens the door for you to make an offer. Remember: it has to reward both your current client, and their friends too! Here are some examples of what that offer could look like:

Offer 1 (use before your client comes in for their appointment): Bring one person with you: a friend, your prom date, your sister, your mother, and you each get half-off your spray tan service! Bring two or more with you and you’ll also all get half-off the next spray tan you book as well!

Offer 2 (after the service): Help spread the word! “If someone comes in and says you referred them to me, I’ll give them half-off their spray tan, and I’ll give you half-off your next tan appointment!”

Offer 3: Because space is limited, you can offer even larger discounts for time-saving groups who are all getting sprayed together. This will free you up from the hassle of juggling appointment windows. Your offer could be that groups of 5 or more get $10 off each tan, or groups of ten or more get $20 tans.

  1. Are you over 18?

This is a question you should be asking all of your clients, but it’s especially relevant during prom season. A lot of states require written parental consent, or even for a parent to be present during the spray tan appointment for anyone under 18. Use this to your advantage when Mom walks through the door!

A lot of times, prom spray tan clients are a one or two-time client, and then you never heard from them again. Make sure to offer them an amazing deal on monthly tans–if they want to look good for the prom, why not look good all the time? This offer works great if the daughter and her mother can use the same membership, since a lot of times it will be Mom footing the bill anyways!

  1. When is your prom?

This simple question will help you establish a timeline with your client. If they are new to spray tanning they might be booking their appointment too early. This can also be a great way for you to sneak in a practice tan if they are a bit nervous, or unsure of how dark they want to go. This will also give you the opportunity to explain the Tanning Timeline to them, so that they know what steps they need to take, and when, to achieve their flawless prom glow.  

  1. What are you doing between now and the prom? (I.E. going to a pool party, the ocean, theme park, etc.)

This is a question that should be asked any time you have a client getting a spray tan for a big event. You want to be able to identify anything that could cause your client’s tan to fade faster, or unevenly, such as chlorine in a pool, salt from the ocean, or a hot tub–all of these can contribute to a much faster-fading tan, and you want to make sure their tan looks as fresh and beautiful as possible for the event! The last thing anyone wants is a bad tan ruining their night.

By asking these five questions, you could as much as triple your return during prom spray tan season, and you might even snag some longer-term clients in the process as well!

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