Part Three of: What is the Best Spray Tan Machine and Equipment?

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Experience matters: Make sure that the company specializes in highly recommended spray tan machines. If they don’t, then the machine was probably not engineered by someone with any experience in the spray tan business. (Simply: would you trust a plumber to give your clients a facial peel? Of course not, so why trust a copycat company to create a well-designed spray tan machine?)

How loud is too loud for your spray tan machine?

Ask yourself this: Do you want your client to get a tan, or do you want them to go deaf?

Your client is not only coming to you for a beautiful, natural tan, they are coming to you for a relaxing experience.

What should your machine sound like?

Traditionally, I tend to suggest that your machine should not be much louder than your vacuum cleaner. Because you will want to talk to your client, to let them know what you’re doing or just to be friendly, you will want to be able to talk over the noise your machine generates without having to yell.

Spray Guns: avoid plastic needles like the plague

While a spray gun with a plastic needle will be cheaper, it is cheaper for a reason. Over time the plastic needle is actually eroded by the air being pushed through the gun, eventually causing spotting and blotching while you spray. Being plastic, a single groove created during cleaning can ruin the way the solution is sprayed from the gun. The tip of the needle can be blunted and cause the same spotting, blotching problem as before. In the end, plastic is easily bent, broken, and pitted, so why run the risk when you can simply get a spray gun with a steel needle and avoid all the hassle?

What needles your spray gun should have

You should look for a spray gun that has a steel needle and here’s why:

How long will a steel needle last? Your entire lifetime. Unless you do something drastically wrong you should never need to replace it.

A steel needle ensures that the mist you are spraying is always the same consistency, ensuring your client has a great, even tan every time.

The more research you can do the better, and you’re more than welcome to attend any Aviva training program to learn more.

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