Part Two of: Important tips for starting your spray tanning business

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How much space do I need?

The greatest thing is that if you work at or own a salon or spa, then you already have virtually everything you need to begin spray tanning! Spray tanning only requires a space large enough for your client to spread their arms, and the space only has to be dedicated to spray tanning for as long as the client is present—set up and take down is only a matter of minutes!

To give you an idea of how much space you will need:

Could you give your client a haircut in the area provided?

Can you stretch your arms above your head without punching a hole through the ceiling?

Is the area well ventilated? (Even though the solution is all natural, air is still best to breathe

Refuse to settle for equipment that’s “good enough”

The next step is finding the best equipment. While it can be called airbrush tanning, I do not recommend spraying your clients with the same device used to put a new coat on a car. Some spray guns work better than others—simply put, you want the best equipment and the best product to ensure that your clients have the best experience, and knowing which sprayers work and which don’t is fundamental in this industry.

A good spray gun will release a mist of spray tanning solution, not a fog. A good spray gun will coat your client’s skin evenly, not cover it with droplets like they were caught out in a tanning rainstorm. A good spray gun will gently tan your client, not sand their skin off like you’re preparing them for a new paintjob.


A great,scientifically-developed solution means the promise of a perfect, healthy, even tan. You want your clients satisfied with their experience, delighted with their tan and, of course, coming back for more. There are several things that can detract from your clients’ experience; luckily, these are easily avoided as long as you know what shouldn’t go into a spray tan solution.

What you and your clients don’t want is a tan that will leave them feeling sticky, like they just sat on a newly painted bench, or smelling like they either just bathed in a vat of French Fries or took a shower in cheap perfume (not much of a choice between the two). So what should you look for in a tanning solution? One that creates a beautiful, natural, realistic tan without having to detract from any part of a client’s experience. Some things to consider when choosing your solution are:

–Make sure your solution doesn’t contain oils or Aloe Vera because, if it does, then you are coating your client in oil. Your client isn’t a French Fry and shouldn’t be treated like one.

–Use that same guideline when it comes to alcohol: there is no reason that you should be spraying alcohol onto your client, unless it’s Mardi Gras.

–Try to stay away from solutions that have fragrances added into them. Your client has their deodorants and perfume; let them decide how they want to smell.

Note: Fragrance oils are also one of the leading causes of allergic reactions in clients

–Make sure your spray tan solution is healthy and hypoallergenic because you never know who is going to walk through your door.

Look out for: Solutions made with nuts (peanuts, walnuts, cashews, pecans), fragrance oils.

Most importantly

Most importantly, you should be looking for a spray solution that creates a natural, realistic tan, after all that is the point isn’t it? Would you settle for a tan that “almost looks real”? No? Then why should your client? Choose the solution that you feel will provide your client with the best experience, the best tan possible, and the solution that creates the tan that they simply can’t live without.

One of the most attractive things about spray tanning is the small start-up cost. A few bottles of tanning solution, a backdrop cloth, and the spray equipment and you’re in business! Well, you might want to learn how to spray tan also.
More than choosing your location or business style, more than deciding which equipment or product to use, the single most important thing you can do is research. For the sake of the client and your business, look into what goes into these tanning solutions, talk to your clients about what they want to get out of their tan and if you have any questions please feel free to contact our specially trained team.

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