Tango Tan Bronzer (4oz Sample)

Formulated for a more beautiful you. Tango Tan accentuates and complements your features by helping you look younger, thinner, and healthier. You’ll notice the difference the moment you try it out, and you’ll love how it makes you look. Whether you are going up on stage for a beauty or bikini pageant or want a confidence booster for your night out, with Tango Tan by your side you’ll steal the show and be the life of the party.

Color: Mocha brown

Benefits: Oil-free (No sticky or tacky spray tan feeling!), Alcohol-free (Won’t dry out your skin!), Fragrance-Free (No stinky “cover up” smell), Dries in seconds.

Set Time: No set time, does not contain DHA

Shelf Life: 6-Month Guarantee, can last up to one year

Who it’s for: Tango Tan is formulated with everyone in mind. With multiple applications it looks similar to the way that those with olive skin-tones first tan. When put on lighter it mirrors the look that fairer skin-tones develop on top of their reddish base tan.

Tips from the Team: “Tango Tan works great as a training solution too. If you have a new employee and you need them trained, have them practice with our online training and a liter of Tango Tan: if the bronzer solution looks good then a spray tan solution would have looked good too!”

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I have a beauty pageant coming up, will Tango Tan rub off on my outfits?

You’re in luck! Tango Tan has been designed to create a temporary tan that washes off in the shower, but it shouldn’t rub off on your clothes or furniture once it has dried, which only takes seconds! Because it is oil-free, if you do get caught in a rain storm and the bronzer gets onto your clothes–don’t worry: the solution won’t stain your clothes. It will wash off in a normal wash cycle.

With Tango Tan, you can compete in dance and bikini competitions free of the fear that the tan will streak or get messed up. Tango Tan has been tested under every lighting condition, whether natural or artificial, and is formulated to look natural no matter where your competition is held.

I have a competition, should I use Tango Tan or Atlas Tan?

The answer to this depends entirely on the nature of the competition. Bikini competitions, beauty pageants, and dance events all usually gravitate towards Tango Tan because they are looking for a natural-looking tan. For these individuals, Tango Tan will produce a color similar to our Gimme Brown line and is sure to be a hit with competitors and judges alike!

Atlas Competition Bronzer is a much darker color designed exclusively for fitness and bodybuilding competitions. As the industry demands, Atlas will not produce as natural-looking a  tan as Tango Tan does, but instead focuses on highlighting and bringing definition to a competitor’s muscle tone. Most dancers, pageant contestants, and bikini competitors will find that Atlas Competition Bronzer is too dark for what they are looking for.

I sprayed a client with Tango Tan and she wants to go darker, what should I do?

With Tango Tan, this isn’t a problem at all! Because it is a bronzer that contains no DHA (the ingredient that tans your skin) Tango Tan can be applied as needed with no fear. For best results we do recommend that you allow the solution to dry before applying another coat, but because the solution is oil-free the drying time is only a matter of seconds. Another great feature of Tango Tan is that it can go the other way too: if your client sees the result and wants to go lighter, simply have them wash off and spray them with less once they are dried and prepped!

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