Why did my Spray Tan Solution Turn Green?

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Why a spray tan solution goes green

Ask any professional who has been spray tanning long enough and they’ll tell you about the dreaded “green” solution. It’s something that has plagued spray tanners the world over, but how does it happen, how can you tell when it does happen, and how can you avoid it? As manufacturer’s of a premier spray tan product, we have the answers you need! Talk about your lucky day!

Why did my spray tan solution turn green?

Answer: A spray tan solution contains bronzers. Bronzers are usually made up of three primary colors (remember art class in school? Hope you paid attention!). These colors are: Red, Yellow, and Blue. When the red colorant oxidizes, it leaves blue and yellow alone together, which creates green.

How long does it take for a spray tan solution to turn green?

Answer: The life expectancy of a spray tan solution varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Most last up to six months, and most have warranties if you order direct from the manufacturer or one of their authorized representatives. We do not recommend ever buying from a second hand source like Craigslist, Ebay, or Facebook.

Is there a spray tan solution that will never go green?

Answer: Actually there is! But not because the bronzers never deterioriate, but because they are not included in the solution. A spray tan solution can be made “clear” (meaning it does not include bronzers), and so those solutions have no chance of turning green.

If my spray tan solution is green, will it develop into a green tan?

Answer: No it will not. The only thing turning green in the solution is the bronzers, which are just the temporary color. The lasting DHA tan underneath should still develop into the same tan that you know and love, but we don’t recommend spraying anyone with a solution that has turned green because the negative experience of “looking green” will decrease the liklihood that your client will return for another service.

My spray tan solution is green around the cap, has the entire bottle gone bad?

Answer: Not necessarily. If you have drips along the bottle that have turned green or a little bit around the rim of the bottle then what may have happened is that little bit has been exposed to more oxygen than the rest of the solution. The best way to check on the color of your solution will be to pour a few ounces into a clear glass bowl. If it looks good, then it is good!

I poured some spray tan solution onto a paper towel and it turned green. Is it bad?

Answer: Don’t rely on the “paper towel test” for spray tan solutions, and here’s why: bronzers tend to separate when they are absorbed by the paper towel and will often turn blue, green, or look “off”. We have tested this on freshly made solutions and even they have turned green when absorbed by a paper towerl or napkin, so never use this as your sole test in determining if you should pour out a solution!

My client said their armpits turned green, has my solution gone bad?

Answer: It probably is still okay. Most times a client complains about their armpit turning green is because they actually have deodorant residue left on their skin. When bronzers come in contact with deodorant, they turn green. Now, don’t worry: their lasting DHA tan will still turn out brown, but keep in mind that “residue” also means “barrier” so their tan might be a little lighter than expected where they hadn’t properly exfoliated. A good way to determine if the problem is with the solution or with the client is to ask if the bronzer is green anywhere else–they would be green all over if the solution was actually to blame.

Is it safe to pour solution back into my spray tan bottle?

Answer: It is perfectly safe so long as the solution hasn’t turned green! If you poured a little extra for a service and need to pour it back into the bottle: don’t worry, the oxidation process happens over a period of months so it won’t affect such a short term exposure to the air to any discernable degree.

How should I store my spray tan solution?

Answer: Some companies require that you store their spray tan solutions in cool, dark places. Some even say to refrigerate. At Aviva Labs, you can simply store it in your cupboard, cabinets, on your shelves–pretty well anywhere! If you have questions about storage, always contact your spray tan manufacturer to find out what the best practices are for your solution.

Do I have to refrigerate my spray tan solution?

Answer: You do not have to refrigerate your spray tan solution if that solution is Aviva Labs. Other companies have different policies, so we recommend that you contact them to make sure you are following their storage rules!

Can I freeze my spray tan solution to make it last longer?

Answer: We have conducted tests where we have frozen solution, then thawed and thoroughly mixed the solutions. While some of the results from some samples were fine, others did not develop properly. This lack of consistency is enough for us to say, “Don’t Freeze”.

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